Sunday, July 18, 2021

a Wonderful Interview with Chile's dazzling diva: Erika Singer TV

A few questions:

1) What sparked your interest in opera and singing? 

Erika: Donald, thank you very much for inviting me to be part of
your blog, for me it is very important! Answering the first
question, I started singing and opera from my childhood! In
the school choir, when I was just four years old! opera is a very
beautiful music that I have continued to cultivate to this day.

2) What are your biggest sources of inspiration? And are there
any sources of inspiration that are unexpected or might make
a person scratch their head? 

Erika: My sources of inspiration are the wonderful works that
have been made and the great interpreters, including international
ones like * Sarah Brightman * and from Chile, the teacher
*Veronica Villarroel *, also the great composers among them
Tchaikovsky is one of my favorites! :)

3) How do you maintain accuracy in hitting your note on
correct pitch? 

Erika: Always looking for the tuning, more singing lessons
and practicing a lot.

4) What do you really really love about performing opera?

Erika: It is really beautiful music and masterfully well
5) How did you get a "foot in the door" in the music industry?

Erika: With a lot of effort and work, also doing casting to
record my first albums in turn with the help of great friends.

6) What are your goals as a musician in years to come?

Erika: My goal is to continue recording albums to be able
to reach the public, also to travel to share with them

7) Ending! 

Finally, I want to send a big greeting to all the people who
visit your blog and also to friends who love music, keep fighting +
for your dreams! I hope to all of you on my social networks, a big
hug from Chile from your friend Erika!

Friday, June 18, 2021

Common Ground

I recently got a PS3, a nice piece of retro tech and even got a boatload of games for it!  Spotify, Netflix, & Hulu are all plugged in now and Digimon Allstar Rumble has been a big hit with my buddies.  I have more friends now, but it's funny, everybody wants a slice.  I guess I'll keep busy!  I'm learning it's OK to turn a friend down if I need some space.  Generally, I love hanging out with my peeps!  My music is going really well and I just tried out my new DJing rig.  This is a new midi controller that essentially does all the work for me yet I will add that sweet Phrosty D touch!  Yeah, I'm still your favorite nobody cuz it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n roll.  It would be so cool if some random guy recognized me in public and was like, "Woah, you're Phrosty D, love your music bro!"...Well this hasn't happened yet but a guy can and will dream.  Never will give up my dreams!

I'm in the final edit phase of my new rap, and just taking it bit by bit.  I really don't want to spend too much of my life on my laptop, so I practice the actual craft of music more.  Riffing loosely on my guitar a couple times every day and plinking out melodies on my pro-mini Casio keyboard.  Instagram is a newer means of sharing music and the shit works, seems like a few people always drop likes.  Naturally, I've diverted some of my creative energies there.  Fun but I don't take it as seriously.  Maybe that's for the best, bringing me back to my jam roots.

My roomie and I beat "Mandarin's Court" level in Marvel Ultimate Alliance last weekend which was good times fo' sho'!  The game Too Human is also rad, but last time I played only 10 minutes and got stuck... what a bummer!

I still don't have any paying music students, but I give free lessons to friends and family here and there.
I have also stepped into an informal mentor role with a few people, though I'll be the first to admit I don't have all the answers.

Me 'n the roomie have been good and on an even keel.  It always helps to find the common ground.    


Saturday, June 5, 2021

Return of the Party Hero!!! (remix staring Lukie Games' - "Kewl Ryder") FREE DOWNLOAD


Monday, May 3, 2021

Monday Thots

I played one of my best home concerts yet for my Grandpa Jim, Anne, and my family here in MN.

I enjoyed being with everyone, but a one on one conversation with my grandpa was especially meaningful.  My whole family is wonderful! #blessed

I'm 29 years into life and I'm socially superb.  Almost everyone loves Don Juan!

Those who don't good for you, here's a sticker...

Picking up more work these days, it's a good thing ;)

We here back at apartment, ya know "the posse" watched Avengers Age of Ultron recently.  That's rad.

I like squirrels!!! 

Monday, April 19, 2021

4AM Speed-Read

It is going to be a mini-vacation for me this week.

I'm cutting back on caffeine, especially late in the day.

Also, I'm making healthier choices in general, keeping in mind diet and physical activity.

The music is going great, jammed with Rick and David on Saturday!

We all sounded great, I supported the group mostly playing my African tongue-drum.

Rick has awesome pets at his house, I felt the love.

This is a quick speed-read post for you guys and gals across the globe.

I have a new buddy Cade; we've  been chatting with on phone and exchanging life observations.

I woke up at 4AM today so with the birds I'll share this lonely view.

A third CD album will probably be ordered with fine-tuning and manufacturing through Oasis.

This is a great way to get the songs sounding even better.  (probably 100 copies)

In order to achieve this goal I need to be frugal with my money; we'll see.

My parents don't mind my business as a man and I'm a private soul.

You can learn and grow from a religion even if you don't see it eye to eye.

Everyone finds out what works for them.

Regardless I can't be too scared to live.

But I need to use my intuition too and remember myself, the star player.

Some days I feel like a protagonist in some videogame about an underground music prodigy.

I guess the journey is the destination...

In this game I imagine, you never really get full recognition for your contributions to culture.

But you also never stop!

Friday, April 9, 2021

Memorex Quest - Free Download


Thursday, March 25, 2021

Presently Perfect

We are all doing our best.  Bad deeds exist because life is hard for everyone.  Some know how to take the inherent struggles of life and turn it into strength of character.  For those who do wrong by others, well you can never grasp another person's consciousness.  Maybe it isn't really their fault after all.  I don't have all the answers.  Most days I try really really hard to be the first example.  Life is too short to bear grudges, too short to feel guilty, and pick things apart until you're pulling your hair out.  Take a breather, tell yourself you deserve to be happy.  Treat yourself to a slice of the unicorn cake!  You are the star player!

I amplify this truth: that we as humans, and even some animals are more alike than we are different.  Every form of life serves a function dreamt by our creator.  We live in our consciousness, not our brains alone.  The movie of your life eventually fades to black.  But positive acts of love are eternal.  The time we had is not gone!

As an aspiring young man I want to walk with that love, it will bless us all infinitely.  Happiness is not limited.  And misery will have an end.  If you feel as though you cannot see past the smoke and mirrors... If you feel that you are trapped in an endless maze... That is everyone at some point, but it gets better I promise!  Life will be great, and the good times will always be with you, plus there is no price tag on happiness.

Share your gifts!  You are stronger than you know.