Monday, March 20, 2023

Nintendo Land


In the case of Nintendo Land, I actually owned the game before I owned the console to play it on.  I bought Nintendo Land at Family Pathways thrift shop early around 2012, and Wii U console itself the summer of 2013.

This is a cool game, and its did some really cool things first, it's just really really cool beans!

I loved the Metroid U.F.O. shooter & I loved Zelda's archery...  The Donkey Kong challenge was fun too.  

If your a cool cat like me, no matter the console or the board, we're all equals

Saturday, March 18, 2023

&annnnd, Now Time for Pot-roast!

here above is the "brown curry" pot-roast i prepared

it is most yummy and just a tip freese your meals if you going to ne out of 

the house any long time or instance

musing as i made the meal with

hamburger buns and pork and browing the hamber

adding peppers spice and herbs

i made the brown curry of shou i caall this pot roast.

perhaps thing thing were both


Sunday, March 12, 2023

Benefits of Reverse Mortgages in an Unstable Economy

               to admire someone or have the feeling of being admired is great bud admire is also a very very loaded word.

                I cooked a very nice banana bananas' bread yesterday and said bread is gone.  

Gone is what it it is.                      The magic of sodium found in pickles, olives, and anchovies is that it cleanses the kidneys.  Few people understand this and fewer people follow the wonderful diet these offer.  

By making ours diet one part salty foods, 4 parts whatter, 12 parts protein, 1 part sugars, and 27 parts vegetables (vegetables Like beans, beens, cellarys, eggplant, summer squacsh, cellarys, onions' parseley and the like - Homnio Verde Swatvas hits this hits that

        I'm its good, it's good see!

these helpful habits and tasty tricks have helped me reach the down to the weight of 217 pounds, good deal

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Blue Yoshi

I have gained a lot of talent working with the brewery and feel right at home.  Working with great people makes work less work and more of a destination or even a stage.  Sometimes I bust a groove or sling along like maybe I'm a Leo.  The point is positivity is a skill and so is the ability to relax at the back burners.  A little bit of creative mindset.  Its not all easy nor perfect nor painless.  But just to remember those are teachers and these are family. 

There aren't so many compartments.  We seem to create the partitions in our minds.  

Ultimately it is all life, So let's make the good memories, So let's keep an awareness of the indisputable fact that we are loved, Regardless of whichever house the sorting cap placed you, You are! No bull. If you forgot love, well that is a very harsh landscape, now I'm just reminding us of that, We are loved, Growing into the people were are created to be more and more fully every day, take all the tries you need. 

it's an adventure,

Steak Theory 

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Cargill Man

I had an adventure some months back.  I worked for Cargill, a production plant in the food service.  It really pushed me, toughened me up, gave me experience, new thrills & skills, even a new friend.  It was my summer job during the winter, a few months where I tried and excelled, but possibly got in my own way trying so hard.  I left Cargill quitting on good terms.  New iPad I bought with my loot was my trophy, the drum set I'd have first bought with a million dollars, Freedom 30.  But you can't put a price on good people.  I am back at the job I had before the friendly neighborhood Cargill, better equipped and ready to rock!!!  p.s.  They really missed me      

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Pickle Diet


Monday, August 22, 2022

iTunes in 2022

If you've read my blog or we've interacted, you'd likely know I love the old-school!  

The latest thing I've checked out was the functionality of iTunes now in 2022.

So, I used my iPad and redeemed a couple Apple gift cards.

I bought both a musical album and a movie on iTunes.

The album downloaded to both iTunes and Windows Media Player without issue.

To view the movie, I bought a USB-Type-C-To-HDMI adapter, and I was able to watch, "The Batman" on my living room TV. 

iTunes basically portals you to Apple TV for movies and TV.  It didn't look like you could view directly from iTunes.  To me, this appears to hurt the ease of use through a PC.  On an iPad it's pretty slick, though!  It was pretty easy, and the picture was good.  I loved that I didn't need to unlock my iPad to pause/resume the movie.