Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Source Code

I've been taking a breather, playing Webfoot Games, Star Gunner and Nux on my laptop + using windows media player with songs on shuffle as a soundtrack to the gaming.  I ran an HDMI cable from laptop to TV and hooked up a PC joystick.  Best way to do!  A day earlier I had a rad guitar lesson with Joe and he taught me some 'dirty' scales!  Mixolydian- creates Jerry Garcia quality.  Harmonic Minor- creates gypsy metal vibe.  Video Chat and rocking out sure eases the boredom and isolation. :)   

I thought it was rad that Hot Hot Heat got a cameo in Saint's Row 2 video game with their song, 'Let Me In'
When I heard that song come on my heart got a riser and then a drop.  It was amazing to hear a song that made
such a huge impact on my teenage years.  Yet it was bittersweet, "Why can't I do stuff like this?  Why aren't I this good?"
With some reflection I got back my pride in my work.  Everybody likes something different and some folks
might even hear my music and think it is better than that commercial song!  

I am exploring hook songwriting.  A catchy hook is a good way to capture that Hot Hot Heat style and make people want to sing along.

I will also continue making heavy hitting electronica works, in the mixed technique I call Fusion Techno.

<DIR>Full Sets including COVERS, Informal 'down-to-earth' JAM SESH clips with anyone kool to it, Poetic Cinema Rap, working in my Underground Supergroups...
My devotion to these objectives designs my destiny as Phrosty D, player 1!!!<TRIG@42=DISPLAY~DREAM>

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Bedbugs and Boredom

So it is well into social distancing season due to the corona virus.  I look at my extra time off work as an opportunity for more self examination.  It's also a bit of a holiday in my head.  But eventually it just feels like I have done all the hobbies and projects I can think of.  And I am left with bedbugs and boredom.  I know this is a small price to pay for the general health and safety of the greater good, but this old dog is out of new tricks.  My music goals are to create a fractal gallery video set to my song "Mandelbrot" + build my custom drum set + create catchy new original music + work on my live covers.  I have been watching psychedelic videos on YouTube and listening to visionary music to escape from bedbugs and boredom.  Xbox Kinect games, brisk walks, yoga, sit-ups, lifting weights are a means to stay fit although I'm a man yes I am I.E. laziness can fatten the cat.  As I am looking to develop more as a percussionist and some of you might just be like minded lemme just toss this in the mix: 5 tips for the self taught drummer-


Saturday, March 14, 2020

Life is Good

Soundtrack for today's post is GRATEFUL by AHEE💪 

My good friend Rick "crazy dog" Brix took me out to play at the 200th open mic night at 3rd Rail bar and grill a few weeks ago.  And March 12th he took me along on his gig at Nordic brewery in Monticello.  I got to perform 4 songs during his break.  I sounded freaking great!  I performed Green Rocky Road, Girl (by Beck), The Biscuit Song, and Nature (culinary delights)! 😼

I move out soon to bigger and better things with more independence and freedom.
I understand the importance of staying smart and keeping my act together.
And I won't be passive in attaining my goals.

Life is Good for Phrosty D! 

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence can mean many things like the golden rule of treating others as you would wish to be treated and taking the time to respect and love yourself so that can come more easily.  Positive affirmations (I keep mine posted right on my wall) and keeping a journal can help a lot.  Also, when a disturbing thought comes along rather than dwell on it acknowledge it and the way it makes you feel, do not judge your reaction as right or wrong, and eventually move on.  Or alternately you can store it in your own mental container for later examination and now focus on the life at hand.  Speaking as a person who sometimes struggles with obsessions and the accompanying hurts, habits, and hangups I know how much of a challenge this can be.  You'll get through it!

Emotional Intelligence can mean mixing it up like playing old-school computer games and listening to disco all morning, or making a few rad new necklaces, reading poetry or a new fantasy novel.  Those are all real world examples from my life in these past few months.  Mixing it up can be anything and it blesses the brain boisterously!

Emotional Intelligence can mean advocating for yourself and speaking up about stuff that bugs you.  It takes courage to advocate if you are afraid how people might react, but it makes a world of difference.  Then you can be heard and understood and a weight is lifted off your chest.

Emotional Intelligence can mean determination and persistence.  I have practiced, performed, and produced music since I was in middle school.  Now, leaning towards age twenty eight I work even harder to take my music to new heights.  I could have given up the dream years ago, but I kept working and I'll never stop.  When I am an old man I still will want to wow people and be on the cutting edge of innovation.  I want to stay relevant to the now!  Even making necklaces is something I have applied determination and persistence to.  I started that in middle school too!  I've been off and on with that hobby.  But, like music, I got good!  So good I've sold quite a few necklaces and CD's.

My life is an American success story and I owe much of that to developing my Emotional Intelligence!

P.S. here is a new song, which classifies as artistic expression, a primal top notch example of Emotional Intelligence-