Friday, August 28, 2009

Back 2 School Bash

Back 2 School Bash was a concert/fundraiser at the Paynesville Food Shelf. It came about out of me wanting to play a concert since the very beginning of summer.

One day I walked to the house of my neighbor, Alison. Alison is the director of the town Food Shelf. I told her that I'd like to organize a free concert at the Food Shelf. She was enthusiastic about the idea. When discussion continued, I began to feel overwhelmed by all the rigmarole the idea would require.

Alison taught me how to organize an event:
1. Have a plan
2. Acquire your staff
3. Get sponsors
4. Advertise
5. Finalize

Through these steps setting up the concert was simplified. NOT THAT IT WAS EASY. I would like to say right now that COMMUNICATION is very important for making stuff like this happen. It seems to me that 25% of the time the other person doesn't understand what your saying and vise-versa.

Anywho, The concert was very successful. It brought in something like $600 for the Food Shelf along with a whole lotta school items. It was also a private success for me because I got to help out the community with the music that I love to play. This event is actually what finnally convinced me to become a proffessional musician..... I don't expect that to be all easy, but it is a path I will be proud and happy to take.

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