Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mike Oldfield, Sunny Landreth, and Adrian Belew

Mike Oldfield, Sunny Landreth, and Adrian Belew. Of these three guitarists my favorite is Rhino aka Adrian Belew for his incredible creativity and total awesomeness in the songs: Another Time, Ballet for a Blue Whale, Life Without a Cage, Of Bow and Drum, All Her Love Is Mine and On. Belew started on drums, and later when he heard The Beatles he was inspired to be the super awesome "twang bar king" that he is. Mike Oldfield had used LSD. He wrote an interesting piece Tubular Bells to express what he went through in concurring his addictions and general problems. This masterpiece became the soundtrack to a movie called The Exorcist. Oldfield was very reclusive at first, but in time through himself performed in concerts (and he was good). I have a DVD of his concert at the Montreux in 1981 and he played like a god. I have seen Sonny Landreth play and he created an incredible positive energy. And that positive energy is what makes his music great. Sonny is pretty cool and I'll always draw inspiration from the concert I saw him play.

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