Monday, August 31, 2009

Notes 1

Right now I'm listening to the musician Beck. All of my friends HATE his music, yet I love it. If you've never heard Beck, he's a very versatile instrumentalist/musician who plays his own unique style of folklike, technoish, expressive, beepy, weird music. It definitely ain't for everyone, but if you enjoy the music of The Beatles then I think you outta consider listening to Beck a bit.

I think that Beck and The Beatles are kind of similar. Both have songs with reflective, thought provoking lyrics that make less and less sense the more you think about them. Both are very creative with the ways they make statements with sound. My friends HATE the sound of Beck's voice, but I like it. It's a kind of whiny, sad voice. My favorite Beck songs are Sexx Laws, We Live Again, Soldier Girl, Rental Car, Cold Brains, Bottle of Blues, Tropicalia, Get Real Paid, Dead Melodies. Beck also has some extremely annoying material: Peaches & Cream, Hollywood Freaks, and 1000BPM are good expamples.

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