Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Tack Tracks

Hello again to whoever reads this blog. So I told you how I wanted to be a pro-musician. I did a concert and I've played for tallent shows. I practice regularly and apply a great deal of attention to music. None of this is new to anyone who has read this before.

It is now my plan to release an album. I don't really know when. Maybe before I graduate. I have recorded three songs to this date. I have a profound vision of what this album is to be. I want it to really mean something. I want teenagers, adults all sorts of people to listen, feel the emotion, think the thoughts, groove to the tones. And I wanna make their hearts sing. I want to make them musically high.

Not much else to say except its going pretty good. I'm kind of obsessed with the project, as many loving creators would be. Anyhow peace out readers, whoever you might be.