Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arranging Songs In T.T.H.B. (an idea not a law)

a way of doing it:

jam influenced
highly lyrical
wicked beats are critical
A.D.D. bass
minimalist factor
Chord progressions are good to have as well as a certain "ear worm" factor.   If you don't know what "ear worm" is google it.


1. gotta know your mood.
2. chord progression ideas
3. lyrics
4. wicked beats
5. guitar work
6. A.D.D. bass
7. Synthesizer work

ABOUT T.T.H.B. Techno

Techno is dance music.  Mad beats and bass are crittical
guitar style should be a little quirky and "honest"
synth should vary from minimal or spiratic to intense and overbearing
messy intermittent improv would be a cool way to make our audience think......WTF
vocals wouldn't really be "sang".  It would be more like someone telling a story.

If Connor made a movie

Music 4 connors movie (as I think about it) should definitely have an aggressive metal influence.  It should also be tribal.  I'd prefer to use retro-grade recording technology for this and I'd put no limits on my creativity.

Cool things 4 a band to own:

2 turntables
guitar-synth pedal
an amazing drum set
weird purcussion instruments

On the set:

Like 4-8 Strobe Lights***
Beany Bags or videogame chairs
Multiple boom boxes playing different CD's at the same time creating a multilayered weirdo symphony
A Banner***

How we roll:

This band is also a family.  We are all friends and we support one another.  We hang out, explore, jam, practice.  T.T.H.B. will be sacred and few things can come before it.

I'm inspired by:

Hot Hot Heat
Mike Oldfield
The Kills
Wolf Parade
David Bowie


Ideas For A Future Band

Tick Tack Hell Bomb- a band- a  way of life- an experience.

Al , mom's super-cool boy friend would say mixing mocking and rejoycing tones "Yep, yep, yep. . . The Bull-shitter diaries. . .  But it's good for him to cling to and work for his idea."

TICK TACK HELL BOMB. . . the name comes from Tick (my friend taylor) Tack (one of several nick-names for me) Hell (Mel from Hell . . . she's a super-cool friend-a-mine) Bomb (i guess this just is the best word to follow all the others)

THE SOUND. . . The band wouldn't really have a diffinitive sound because we'd play so many impressionistic styles.  The band (brought together and directed by me) will play a spectrum of tones GRUNGY, FREAK-OUT STYLE, PUNK-ROCK, FOLK-INSPIRED, NEW-AGE, WEIRDO

Where would we play?
CANADA (though this one seems rather arbitrary)
MALL OF AMERICA (why not... it could be kinda cool though it might not fit within' our budget)

If by some cosmic warp in our universe my friend Connor (Vanman) produces and directs a movie my band will do the sound track. . . Never say never.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tick Tack Hell Bomb Part 1

Regrets are important.  They matter because they prevent the repetition of past blunders.  In my past I was teased.  I know that pain is very real and others have had to deal with it.  The pain of feeling like an outcast caused me to develop a sense of humor, because as long as I could make people laugh they would accept me.  Unfortunately I also learned something bad. . . I learned how to bully people and actually made a poor little dude on my school bus cry once. . .  Definitely not cool.  Any time pain is wrongly caused to a person there is something deeply wrong.

My regrets might have something to do with my music.  My anger, my sadness, feelings of having been slandered as a human being.  Something about that negetivity might have even caused some of the wacky weird things I wonder about.  But I suppose it is human nature to be curious. . .

Hope and virtue also matter.  We need to be happy for tomorrow as well as enjoy the good memories of our past.  We need a some morals to bring us through life safely.  Some of this stuff must be intuitive.  But it should be nurtured and expanded.  There's so many things I don't know.  I need to do some work to further develop my learning capacity.  I should probably deal with my stress better. . .

Blah Blah Blah. . .  Yep peeps, these are my thoughts right now. . . some of you might find it interesting. . . 

Maybe this kind of stuff will have something to my dream band. . .
It dosent exist yet.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Scales Continued

This addition to the site is as much for me as it is for anyone else who chances a glance at it.

I need to emphasize to all musicians the importance of scales.

Earlier this week I went to my 'mentor in music'. We worked on my solo ensemble piece. I was faltering in the piece mainly because I kept screwing up the key. He said I needed to work much harder on my scales if I wanted to get where I wanna be in music.

a CAN-DO attitude is important for advancing technique and know-how.

Remember that everyone has problems. But problems don't matter because you can do it. You just need to try.  You just need to believe.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hey man what's the problem!
What's the scene!
Why are you so mean to me!
All the time! ALL OF THE TIME!--
(opening statement from Haircut economics by Hot Hot Heat back when their vocals were done by Matthew Marnik)