Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arranging Songs In T.T.H.B. (an idea not a law)

a way of doing it:

jam influenced
highly lyrical
wicked beats are critical
A.D.D. bass
minimalist factor
Chord progressions are good to have as well as a certain "ear worm" factor.   If you don't know what "ear worm" is google it.


1. gotta know your mood.
2. chord progression ideas
3. lyrics
4. wicked beats
5. guitar work
6. A.D.D. bass
7. Synthesizer work

ABOUT T.T.H.B. Techno

Techno is dance music.  Mad beats and bass are crittical
guitar style should be a little quirky and "honest"
synth should vary from minimal or spiratic to intense and overbearing
messy intermittent improv would be a cool way to make our audience think......WTF
vocals wouldn't really be "sang".  It would be more like someone telling a story.

If Connor made a movie

Music 4 connors movie (as I think about it) should definitely have an aggressive metal influence.  It should also be tribal.  I'd prefer to use retro-grade recording technology for this and I'd put no limits on my creativity.

Cool things 4 a band to own:

2 turntables
guitar-synth pedal
an amazing drum set
weird purcussion instruments

On the set:

Like 4-8 Strobe Lights***
Beany Bags or videogame chairs
Multiple boom boxes playing different CD's at the same time creating a multilayered weirdo symphony
A Banner***

How we roll:

This band is also a family.  We are all friends and we support one another.  We hang out, explore, jam, practice.  T.T.H.B. will be sacred and few things can come before it.

I'm inspired by:

Hot Hot Heat
Mike Oldfield
The Kills
Wolf Parade
David Bowie


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