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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

text to voice program free online

Alright. Just what I like to see another genius instument and someone's there to play it.

Just when you thought you seen it all. :) LOL

This guy is an engineer/musician who just got his doctorate... so yeah check it!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Apparently sucking your gut (diaphram) in helps with hitting both low and high notes.  Also: Do not tense up in the head when you sing your high notes, you need to relax your muscles to best hit them. 

Personally I like to sing in what I call waver-tone (It sort of gives your vocal delivery an anxious feel) 
Personally again, I like to give my singing a sort of "gritty-ness"  Kinda like Bob Dylan meets underground metal.   That might sound funny but, if I got my idea across, hey no complaints.

In other news...

If you want to join Space Brain Universe Band e-mail me

Monday, September 19, 2011

x                  4 0 3
x        4
x            0 5
x 0 5

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Some men are mice, some men are kings.

Some wear patches, some wear rings.

Fish swim while birds fly.

And some who live deserve to die.

Serpent of Eden

Serpent of Eden

Well Adam and Eve really had it all.

Such a shame they had to fall.

You had them eat forbidden fruit.

Neither you nor them shall play God’s lute.

Serpent of Eden

Serpent of Eden

Some men are mice, some men are kings.

Some wear patches, some wear rings.

Fish swim while birds fly.

And some who live deserve to die.

Serpent of Eden and Enchantress eyes.

Serpent of Eden soon will die.

After that there’ll be no lies.

Friday, September 2, 2011

I don't believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, but Rigby did happen for a reason

PAY IT FORWARD.  Life is mostly about helping people and being a real life hero & knowledge is power in achieving all our goals.

Now listen to this song:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

dead road seven (A.D.D. entree)

I've started picking appart the maple leaf rag and I started to compose something... not sure how good my composition will be but just gotta experiment. 

I started shaving then stopped midway through because I felt like checking out the artwork done by Kurt Cobain.  Pretty cool stuff.

I might get to be on board with a band as vocalist and that would be tight, we'll just have to see...

Sort of tired it is almost 10:00.  I've gotten in the habit of jamming on bass before going to sleep.  I got a couple of books about outerspace that are pretty sweet.

Watched a couple of episodes of Scrubs yesterday.

St. Coud Library sucks for not letting me do a concert there earlier this year. 

Saw Rick, Bill, and Joel today at St. Cloud library. 

I installed some vintage style video games to the computer so that's fun. 

I've been researching this place called Camphill Soltane.  Looks pretty cool.

Ever heard of DTMF?  I hadn't.  So I looked it up, it stands for dual tone multi-frequency.  I used my music software: AUDACIDY to generate some sound bites with DTMF.  It is basically the same sounds your cell phone makes when you dial.  Each button sounds off a different combination of pitches from the speaker.  Anyhow another group that uses phone sounds is the kills.
 SEE!! they rock.

Anyhow the drummer quit in one of my bands. ehh.  what-ev'.  The kid seems to have a bright future ahead of him.

Yeah.  Pretty much.

I gave An a CD by The Dinosaurs

practice practice practice

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Psy Rock yo-yo monkey

Hey guys.  I did a concert yesterday.  It was pretty cool.  I had a lot of fun playing baritone to Cyphers mad rappin'.  I'm listenig to the Yardbirds "RAVE UP" album for the first time, it is cool.  I could probably really get into this stuff.  Had a great time with Tim Barnes at the quarry diving into the water and making jokes about Harry Potter.

Me and Tim are gunna be layin' out some tasty tunes, so be on the look out for a single by Mostly Harmless called DIRTY WATER. 

Spent some time playing a retro-games console this morning called  "Max X Play".  I'd recomend it to any one who likes NES-type games.  The "POWER GAMES" console is also pretty rad and features a game called B-wings that is quite and awesome flying-plane-shooter-game.  I'm not sure what happened with those.  Companies just aren't making that type of video game anymore and I think that's a shame. 

For people who like poppish shounding punk rock I recommend checking out THE DOWN TOWN FICTION. 

That's all I have to say about that.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stunt Man


It’s been such a close call; it’s been such a close call.

This shit is getting heavy; this shit is getting heavy.

Picaso is dead so who can get the art ready.

Though I tried to right my story; tried to sing my song.

I had not-got, any reader.

Nor no one to sing along.


Mental floss removes the plaque.

From a beaver’s bites in my right calf.

Study good but study lying.

Stuck in school: cheating, crying!!

Verse 1:



Chorus: (punk rock)

Some day I’ll get away.

I’ll have a total change.

I’ll be a stunt man.

Tan from the sun ray.

Verse 2:

DON’T!! WANNA BE!! ANOTHER (uni-sylabic) WHORE!!

NO , NO!! you can’t draft me for oil war... The Master Stunt Man Is Now Here. You’ll see me in movies… every year.

Pre-chorus: panicy

Oh-wreroah! Richard can’t u see! Theres more more more (broadway meets metal) to bee-leev than money. HUEAGH!! Oh-wreroah Richard there’s more to retrieve. You say sonny-boy I see your aspiration. But before you get it all, you’ll push a broom, sweep a kitchen, can’t cross the nation, stuck at a sandwhich station!!!


Some day I’ll get away.

I’ll have a total change.

I’ll be a stunt man.

Tan from the sun ray.

Repeat chorus

Some day I’ll get away.

Ill have a total change.

I’ll be a stunt man.

Tan from the sun ray.


Crooked cracks seethe through gnarly trees, You’r spell blown to me, subtly cuz you live in her debris.

Pennyless promotions are finding thee.

One fine day false idols will die.

Even though you blessed a mess to sell it.


Some day I’ll get away.

I’ll have a total change.

I’ll be a stunt man.

Tan from the sun ray.


Some day I’ll get away.

I’ll have a total change.

I’ll be a stunt man.

Tan from the sun ray.

Verse: Gotta few homies, one of ‘em is tim.

Starting to think I got to flake on him.

Nobody knows

How I got poked by that rose! (weirdo style)

The plant makes my problems decompose.

Chorus slightly altered:

(Slower this time)

I finally got away.

I got a total change.

I am a stunt man.

Tan from the sun ray

Classical Octave Ending and alternative D minor

e 12 12 12   0   0   0
b  0   0   0   12 12 12
g 12 12 12   0   0   0


e  10
b  10
g  10
d  0
a  0
e 10

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wow... I have nothing better to do than read this idiot's blog.

Wha sup homies.  Donald Neu here.  Hope you all found the title amusing. 

I had a session with Psychodelix and recorded some great stuff for the song "Moral Mutilation" a song which will be on the COSMIC CRYSTAL EP.  When we release that you should buy one.  Heck you should buy twenty. 

Pretty much.  I'm thinking I should sneek some Beck guitar licks into the Psychodelix performance (August 12 @ Paynesville Gazebo Park 7:00)

My solo project "Stunt Man" has kinda just sat on the back burner... which sucks.  I've been chasing this specific style that I want to get in a recording and I havent had the time and energy to attain it.  However I've made progress and I'm being supported in my "magical mystery tour"

My friend Mark AKA Moxxie has started listening to a band called Hard Core Super Star and I think I'll have to check them out too.  They seem pretty sweet.

This song played on the radio at work and I thought it was pretty cool.  Probably old news to most happenin' youth but whatev'  I think it's fun music.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

modified tri-tone

The tri tone (known in the dark ages as the devils interval) is a fun thing to use in music. 

normal tri tone C, F#, high C

I like this varriation & I just came up with it.  Just take the top note down a half step.

C, F#, B.

I am a very "feeler type" musician.  I get a lot of my ideas from patterns go through my head and the feel of my hands playing the instrument.  It applies to every instrument I play.  On the all the instruments I play I try to shake things up / make alterations that make the playing more interesting for me and also affect the audience differently.

I also like to do these "mixed intervals".  There is probably a better name for them.  Note 1a may move up one half step from note 2a, and in the same chord progression note 1b may move up three half steps.  I don't know if that explaination works at all.  In another way of looking at it: C major to D sus2.  The interval between the root notes of the chords is different that the interval between the high notes of the chords.

the tab explaination is probably the simplest:

e 0  5
b 3  5

Oh, and any Hot Hot Heat album is worth your time to listen to, especially if you play guitar.  If you play synth you should listen to the Hot Hot Heat album "Scenes One Through Thirteen"  and listen to any Wolf Parade Album.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let the bass drum boom like and underground justice, music from our dendrite trussice!!!

My keyboard set up is as follows: Casio Privia: a weighted key keyboard with excellent piano imitation and multiple tones and effects/possible alterations.  Yamaha Portasound (mini keyboard) PSS-130; incredible battery life and easy to take anywhere.  Yamaha PSR-77 synthesizer.  This one is very light, which is nice; it also features some rad old-school sounding voices.  Hohner student 32 melodica.  Light; sounds like a cross between an accordian, harmoica, and bag pipe.  You blow into this one, its like a breath powered organ! (so no worrying about batteries folks!)  Shoenhut toy piano.  Sounds like "a couple steps up from "little tikes" xylophone. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm gunna learn this song by Jove!

When I was younger:

When I was younger I used to be great at building inventive lego ships and other inventions.  I also used my creativity and common sense analytical inventiveness to build a catapult that could shoot bouncy balls into a special basket as well as build kinex cars to crash-duel my best friend, showing who could build the toughest car.

Here's some guitar work:

e 0 2 0 3 7, 0 2 0 3 7; 0 2 0 7 3, 0 2 0 7 3; 0 2 0 3 7      , 0 2 0 3 7       , 0 2 0 3 7      5 7 6 7
b                                                                                3 7,                3 7 ,               3 7

play this dissonant chord on a heavily distorted guitar

b 4
d 3
e 0

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The answer to life, the universe and everything...


Get psycho to our music about nickles, dimes, and anything that rhymes!!!

It's been a good day.  I pretty much worked on laying meat at short stop restarant and after that chilled to some of the music I helped create with the friends I am so blessed to have: Mark "Moxie" Anderson and Erick "Air Bear McTwix" Wisted!!!  Psycho for life; and psycho for christ!!!  May God bless your day!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Drum Tabbing System

DRUM TAB C*=crash symbol / HH=high hat / Sn=snare / HT= high tom / MT= mid tom / FT= floor tom / B= bass drum








Most drum tabs are done in a different format...  But whatever this is the format I came up with.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So yeah,

I'm starting to give a girl guitar lessons now so that's cool.  Probably gunna give the second lesson this Friday after practice with Psychodelix.  Too bad we can't practice together more often...  Anyhow yeah... basically just listened to the B-52's Funplex album and wrote some classical sounding piano music.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fried My Little Brains (The Kills)


Make sure you use your pinkie for fretting too.  It can be easy to avoid playing with it because it's generally a weaker finger.  Just pay attention to your playing, and try to use it more often.  If you do this the finger will become more strong and your hand will become more coordinated.     

Some chord forms require the thumb for fretting too.
Alternate picking is another thing.  If you're playing fast, doing warm ups, doing scales, what-ever,  ALTERNATE PICKING BABY!

Cool Groove

d                                6 7 8 6
a    4     6 7 8 4       8              8 6 4
e 6    6               6                             6

It's a melody from a Herbie Hancock song calld Watermelon Man

play cool guitar

Demon Reborn 1 opening bit

e              10 10 10 11 11 11 11--
b 11 10-- 

Demon Reborn 2 bit:

e 10 12 10 12 12 12(repeat)                                                              12 14 12 14 14 14(repeat)
b                               12 14 12 14 14 14(repeat) 10 12 10 12 12 12(repeat)

Goat In A Boat bit

e                                            16 15
b 3~ 6~ 9~ 12~ 11~ , 15 14

Play Cool Synth

Here's a cool synth lick



RH: C G F# C# D F E Eb
LH: G C C# F# F D Eb E

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Helpful For Guitar

Play Cool Bass

slap style for this first thing:
g      2               4                 6
d         2               4                6--
a   1        3--               5
e1         3                 5

For this one just use a rhythm that you are comfortable with
g                                  1                     3
d                      2, 0 3           3 3    2                3 3
a          3, 0 4                  2 2                   2 2
e  0   5

These bass parts sound cool and they are easy to remember.

Weird Guitar "Scale"

e                                                                                             9 11 12 14 15 17
b                                                                                13  16
g                                                            12 14 15 17
d                                            13 16 17
a                        12 14 15 17
e  10 12 13  16

d                                 8      10
a                9       10
e  9     12
   C#    E    F#     G      Bb    C


Here's some more stuff for RETINA

BURNED....(that's the cue word)
e 7 10 8 9        /                    13 11 10-10-10  / 7     7         /
b               8~   /   13 11 10                             /     5     4      /
g                       /                                              /                   /
d                       /                                              /                   /
a                       /                                              /                    /
e                       /                                              /                    / 1 3 5 2 4 0

That last one I plan to use the grung guitar in the recorded version. 

Retinas (potential) ending part

g          0
d  0
a        11
e  11 

those fingerings with some kind of uncomfortable sounding arpegio.

chech out more:

Play Guitar Like Prince , Play Guitar Like Django Reinhart

Musical Terminology

These are a few of the terms from the glossary of a college textbook called MUSIC IN THEORY AND PRACTICE.

Agogic accent: An accent created when one note is longer than surrounding notes.

Blue tone: Blue tones (or "worried" notes) are tones that are between the diatonic and flatted thirds and sevenths, which characterize the blues scale.

Blues scale: A major scale with a flat third and seventh.  **It must be remembered that when the flat third and seventh were sometimes "worried" notes, thus their pitches did not always correspond to equal tempered tuning.  {{**significant to singer's, guitarist, trombone players, and anyone who can play "the notes in-between the notes"}}

Blues scale with added flat fifth: A classic blues scale (flat third and seventh), but with an additional flat fifth.  This is a somewhat later development in blues.  Flat ninths are also included on occasion.

Chordal texture: A texture in which the musical material is concentrated into chords with relatively little melodic activity.

Diatonic: Any of the common scales made of whole steps and half steps in a particular pattern.  The white keys on a keyboard instrument form a diatonic scale.

Dynamic accent: An accent created when one note is louder than surrounding notes.  Often indicated with the accent sign.

**Elison: A musical situation in which the end of one pattern overlaps of coincides with the beggining of the next pattern

Harmonic rhythm:  the rate of chord change

Interval: the relationship between two tones.

Nonharmonic tone: A tone that does not fit into the surrounding harmony.

Parallel supporting melody: A melodic idea that moves essentially in parallel with either a primary or secondary melody.

Polyphonic texture: A musical texture consisting of more than one melodic line.

Scale: A summary of the pitch material of a piece of music in order from the lowest toe the highest pitches

Sequence-modulationg: A sequence that leads from one tonal center to the next.  In some sequences of this type each segment is technically in a different key.

Sonority: A group of pitches sounding at the same time.  A simultaneity.

**Swing: The rhythmic style of most jazz, in which the division of the beats is uneven and there is considerable stress on the notes between beats.

Tactus:  the name given to the pulse in medieval and Renaissance music.  The tactus was said to be equal to the heart rate of a person breathing normally.

Tessitura: The average range of a particualar voice or instrument in a composition.  If a tessitura is "high," the notes tend to be in the higher extreme of the total range of that voice or instrument.

Three-part form: A form of music with three parts.  The first and third parts are either the same of nearly so.

**Turnaround (turnback): A term used in popular song to denote four-chord formulas that signal the repetition of a period or return to a previous period.  Example: C B Dm G

Harry And The Potters

Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land

Friday, June 10, 2011

Noob Keyboarder

If you are a newbie to the piano or synthesizer there's a little trick you shoud know.  It's a way to sound good almost no matter what! 

This trick assumes that you are writing your own music or just winging it on stage with improv.  When you devise your melodies,  if you playing only white keys you will almost always sound good, and find the notes your looking for or notes that are close.  It sounds good 99% of the time because you are playing everything on the same scale C-Ionian or D-Phrygian or what-ever you decide the root note and mode is. 

Playing only black keys works just as well, and limits you even more.  So... kind of a good thing kind of a bad thing.  Playing only black keys creates a major scale where some of the notes are missing.... they've gone to the lost and found....  Basically your working with this
F# (whole step) G# (whole step) A#(minor third, whole step plus one half step, a sinister sounding interval) C#(whole step) D#

The black key way should leave even less room for error because there are no notes that are half-a-step apart (if you play 2 notes that are a half step apart at the same time, it can screw up the melody.... sometimes)  

Yeah really, though...  I love all styles and meathods of piano playing...  Go wild and do whatever you feel.  But take a look at this way too cuz it makes sense and it works.

Also... The oldest classical music only had the white keys.  The black keys were added later to make it possible to play any scale mode from any root note on the keyboard. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

knob flipping

This effect is partifcularly cool on old electric organs.  But you can get simmilar cool effects on melodicas, and conventional synthesizers.  Toggle the volume knob up and down.  With the organ there are multiple volume knobs for all the synthesized instruments.  Many instruments can be toggled at once, and when yo do this you get a natural tremolo ( and sometimes a "dee-dee-dee-dee!").

Another cool thing for keyboarbers, is doing an instrument or "voice" change in the middle of the melody.  It's unexplected and can put a totally different flavor on the sound.

If you're looking to record your stuff check out the free music software online called audacity.  It will help you in your magical mystery tour.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm pretty tired.  I've been getting up for work at 2:00 in the morning this week.  Yeah, brutal.  Anyhow they play the song "Dream On" on the radio there a lot so that sparked my interest in the song.  I've got a classical music CD in with songs by Edvard Grieg.  I've olnly heard the first track but it's pretty cool stuff.  I whent swimming at the pool at my appartment today too, so that was refreshing.  I'll get some new songs on the web...  eventually.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

psy-rock tempest lick

x       11   12
x                                13-- 10--
x12                11  

Sunday, May 22, 2011


My metalcore riff

standard tuning

x         0        3          0         3       3
x                                                        2 3  1 2
x 0 0       0          0          0       0

x          0 2
x 3 0            1 2