Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hints From Doctor Grinch

Hey guys.  I've decided to make my stage name Doctor Grinch. 

Now on to business.

A friend of mine complained that my guitar solos go on and on and don't seem to have any sort of ending.

Here's what I did: I wrote a whole bunch of ways to start and finnish a guitar solo.  It gave me lots of new ideas I never had before!

So hint number one:  prepare ways of starting and finnishing a guitar solo (you can usually improvize what's in between)

hint number two: having trouble making eye contact with the audience?  Then force yourself to play your instrument with your eyes closed.  It will make you better at playing more by feel and not by sight.

hint number three.  Recycle good ideas from past performances and compositions.  I will be doing this with the Psychodelix song Tempest in which I have a large role as a SYNTH MASTER!!

hint four.  I've said it before.  Practice your scales.

hint five.  With guitars hammer-ons and harmonics are cool.

hint six when playing piano don't neglect the sharps and flats (black keys) 
accidentals are very fun to throw in when playing.

hint seven pentatonic scale

x ---------5--7---------------------------------
x--- 5--8---------------------------------------

hint eight

be awesome.

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