Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Indian Scale And More

This is something for you musicians to play around with.  It's called the Indian Scale.  It goes like this:

C  D flat  E  F  G  A flat B  C

Regarding key signatures:

No sharps or flats:  key of C

One sharp: key of G
Two sharps: key of D
Tree sharps: key of A
Four sharps: key of E
Five sharps: key of B
Six sharps: key of C#

One flat: key of F
Two flats: key of Bb
Three flats: key of Eb
Four flats: key of Ab
Five flats: key of Gb
Six flats: key of Cb

The first secular songs to be written down were those of the troubadours, who were aristocratic poet-musicians living in France in the twefth and thirteenth centuries.  Their songs were all written in the "natural" scales.  These scales had no sharps or flats (no black keys) 

C to C: Ionian
D to D: dorian mode (very popular)
E to E: Phrygian
F to F: Lydian
G to G: Mixolydian
A to A: Aeolian
B to B: Locrian

I thought sharing this might give you guys some cool new musical ideas.  And the key signature thing should come in handy.

information from:
The Wonderful World of MUSIC by Benjamin Britain and Imogen Holst

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