Saturday, February 12, 2011


Sup peeps, right now I'm playing Mario Party 7 on the Nintendo Wii.  I'm planning to play a solo concert at the St. Cloud library.  I'm in the process of writing music for it including the song I'm now working on titled: Space Brain Universe.

The band I'm doing the most work with now is Syndrome (used to be called Woof Puppies).  We have an aprox. ten song song list so thats good.  We plan to start writing originals after we get good at our cover song material.  At that point we'd also start playing coffee houses.

In the world of Psychodelix I a got a look at Marks un-official bass tab for Cauliflower Song and I'll be able to use it the work out suitable guitar part to complement it.
See me at the Library,
Donald Neu  A.K.A.  Doctor Grinch

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