Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear Primal Music Enthusists

Thank you so much for reading the blog.  If you have kids, try to get them involved with music.  You don't have to be freaky about it (in other words don't force it on them), just supply them with instruments like electronic keyboards, and games like the internets "freaky frank's music machine, remember that music is an art form and you shouldn't rush art.  It must flow from the artist in it's own way: in that artists own style.

Encourage your friends to play music.

Are you trying to improve your stage presence, close your eyes sometimes when practicing and playing live.  Also change up the aproach of the music making.  How do you do that?  Well.... You could play a different instrument.  Research other players techniques and generally pay attention to the world around you.  How does mechanical scraping make you feel, wind blowing through tree's. 

Something I did to approach the keyboards differently recently is to turn the keyboard around and play it upside-down.  This putts the low stuff at the high end and high stuff at the low end.  It's the Primal Reversed Piano!!

An execise I often use when I work with drummers is this:  I ask them to think of a given event.  And use the drums to voice their reaction.  This excercise is great for any instrument.

If I wanted to approach the drums differntly I'd get a very unique set and then re-arange things so the floor tom would be where the snare usually is and the snare would be where the floor tom usually is.  I'd basically make the most screwed up drum set I could and then jam on it.  That would affect my style in a positive "won't sound too much like the rest of the pack kind of way".

However I can't do that right now cuz my drum synthesizer is lent out to a friend of mine.  Hope he enjoys develping his drum skills.

Gunna be having a Psychodelix practice late this may.  And it would probably be to my benefit to have "Give Me A Sign" more or less nailed by that time.  Looking forward to the Psy-Rock concert this summer, see you there.  

Here's a taste of what I've been up to:

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