Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wow... I have nothing better to do than read this idiot's blog.

Wha sup homies.  Donald Neu here.  Hope you all found the title amusing. 

I had a session with Psychodelix and recorded some great stuff for the song "Moral Mutilation" a song which will be on the COSMIC CRYSTAL EP.  When we release that you should buy one.  Heck you should buy twenty. 

Pretty much.  I'm thinking I should sneek some Beck guitar licks into the Psychodelix performance (August 12 @ Paynesville Gazebo Park 7:00)

My solo project "Stunt Man" has kinda just sat on the back burner... which sucks.  I've been chasing this specific style that I want to get in a recording and I havent had the time and energy to attain it.  However I've made progress and I'm being supported in my "magical mystery tour"

My friend Mark AKA Moxxie has started listening to a band called Hard Core Super Star and I think I'll have to check them out too.  They seem pretty sweet.

This song played on the radio at work and I thought it was pretty cool.  Probably old news to most happenin' youth but whatev'  I think it's fun music.


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