Thursday, September 1, 2011

dead road seven (A.D.D. entree)

I've started picking appart the maple leaf rag and I started to compose something... not sure how good my composition will be but just gotta experiment. 

I started shaving then stopped midway through because I felt like checking out the artwork done by Kurt Cobain.  Pretty cool stuff.

I might get to be on board with a band as vocalist and that would be tight, we'll just have to see...

Sort of tired it is almost 10:00.  I've gotten in the habit of jamming on bass before going to sleep.  I got a couple of books about outerspace that are pretty sweet.

Watched a couple of episodes of Scrubs yesterday.

St. Coud Library sucks for not letting me do a concert there earlier this year. 

Saw Rick, Bill, and Joel today at St. Cloud library. 

I installed some vintage style video games to the computer so that's fun. 

I've been researching this place called Camphill Soltane.  Looks pretty cool.

Ever heard of DTMF?  I hadn't.  So I looked it up, it stands for dual tone multi-frequency.  I used my music software: AUDACIDY to generate some sound bites with DTMF.  It is basically the same sounds your cell phone makes when you dial.  Each button sounds off a different combination of pitches from the speaker.  Anyhow another group that uses phone sounds is the kills.
 SEE!! they rock.

Anyhow the drummer quit in one of my bands. ehh.  what-ev'.  The kid seems to have a bright future ahead of him.

Yeah.  Pretty much.

I gave An a CD by The Dinosaurs

practice practice practice

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