Friday, August 31, 2012


I recorded a new song called T Rex (Mr. Ziemer's Song).  It is a mellow song about an English teacher I had in middle school. 

I've been playing moncola and chess at Main Sail and that's been fun.
I have been watching the TV show Mork And Mindy in the evenings and enjoying Robin Williams.

Many of my friends are off to college again. 

I am currently working on a video game themed grunge song.  I don't have many people to jam with so I am mostly recording tracks all by myself.  When I got enough exquisite songs ready I plan to release an album.  A real one this time!  Not just a promo-CD.  Cover art, labled CD, case, track list,  The works.

Keep your stick on the ice.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Psychodelix meets Mostly Harmless

Yesterday I had a jam session with Lonely Boy Rigbee and Moxxie Anderchild.  We busted some epic disco.  My favorite part was probably playing over Moxxies insane shredding with my messed up guitar.  It is a fun guitar to use because all the strings are in the rong places! 

That was the first time the two of them met each other.  Mark was pretty happy about having an extra person for our jam sessions and Rigbee was excited to be a part of Psychodelix.

I have been able to record at Main Sail and finnished a rap, a prototype version of Jazz Commet.  I recently put a song on my reverbnation page called Trapped In A Pill.  My father has likened the song to an acid trip, but he really enjoyed it.  Strange lyrics...

Life is good.  I have been disc golfing. Also, I recently bought a portable plastic bowling kit from a garage sale.  Saw some of my Paynesville homies and they liked seeing me and listening to my new stuff on I-phone. 

I've been playing retro video games, like Atari's "Black Widdow" lately.  There is a game called Asteroids Delux and one called Super Pac Man that are pretty fun.  I introduced a card game version of Mario Party to the staff at my group home and they enjoyed it.

Rock on and God bless!

Sonic Youth