Friday, September 14, 2012

Didgeridoo Dubstep

Cardiac Kid


Give our new song a listen!

Walls Of Paper

I just finnished a song called Walls Of Paper and re-recorded the song Trapped In A Pill.  My dad got me a condenser microphone so the recording quality is great.  I highly recomend condenser mics.  I went through my external hard drive and found a whole bunch my older recordings.  I even found a sweet one of a jam session with me and Rick.  It is a good idea to save your stuff, even the recordings you don't like that much because you might listen to it a year or two later and really like it.

Walls of paper was like that for me.  I pulled out this electric guitar recording and found three clips of the track I really liked then I built a song around those three clips.  It turned out really good and quite psychedelic.

We had a serious bee infestation at Main Sail, but I think that problem is over or soon will be as the season changes.  I've been enjoying the music of Queens of the Stone Age lately.  Peace.