Friday, November 30, 2012

Impossible Words

Got a job at Walmart and it's going pretty good.  I get along with everyone there and I'm getting used to the work.  I bought a long board, socks, and a Spongebob DVD collection there today.  No work today YAY! 

Psychodelix is working on a rap right now.  I've been recording a rap part as well as hype vocals.  One example is: Psychodeelio and that's fo' realio!  I love the way that sounds so I hope we use it.

I do NOT own a drum set.  What I DO own is a drum machine, a drum synthesizer, congas 'n' bongos, toy drum synthesizers and a drum from the Dominican Republic.  It works...  and in a way it is probably good that I have to stick to these other forms of percussion.  It takes drumming in a different direction. Still, some day I'm getting a real drum set. 

A friend of mine is spending the night today.  It's gunna be awesome.  I haven't played video games in a while but I bet I'll get a healthy serving of gaming this evening. :)

You can hear my new song Persian Market on my reverbnation page:

thanks for reading.

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