Wednesday, December 12, 2012


So yeah I had one of those "aha" moments this morning when I decided to take an evil sounding track I recorded a few months ago and add a rap to it.  The evil sounding track I am talking about was part of an unfinished project called "Bowser" in honor of the 64 bit KING KOOPA!  I may need to tweak some of the clips but it sounds good.  My homies like it.

Gotham City Police, one of my bands, had it's first recording session recently.  We jammed out some pretty organized chaos.  I plan on recording just my band mate so I can use the material later.

Compromise...  I had some thoughts recently.  I wanted to steer band-songs in a specific direction.  I had the realization that I can do that to some extent.  However, it is important to listen to my band-mates and ask them about their ideas, give them influence to.  For instance I have a song that's about a century old and never recorded called "Impossible Words"  I wanted it to be all deep and thoughtful, but Tim wanted it to be weird and funny.  The best direction to go, I think is to do the song with both aspects, thoughtfulness and humor.  Me and Tim will get around to recording that bad boy one of these days.

Love the Earth.  Happy trails.


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