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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The End Is Nye!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Video Games Time Capsule, numero dose (((*Love*In*The*Year*3000*)))

No one should not be tormented by not being perfect.  I have had a few instances in my life when I have felt that way though.  When I was living with my mom I remembered bullying somebody back when I was in grade school... A long time ago.  And it bugged me quite a bit.  I also said somethings to my housemates that I later regretted saying and fixated on.  The asperger's syndrome makes this more prominent for me than it might make it for others.  But I can learn to control it better.


I shouldn't get down on myself for not being perfect.  THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE.  What I really need to focus on is being GOOD.  

And I'm glad to say I have done that pretty well.  I take time out of my day to burn mix CD's of my friend's favorite music for him.  I give 110% at work.  I volunteered to help the CAER food shelf package stuff.  I make people laugh with my ridiculously cheesy sense of humor.  I love my parents and step parents, step brothers, half siblings, and the rest of my family.  I'm a great friend.  Really the list never ends.  

DUDE!!!  listen to Public Enemy.  Best rap in the world.

And now for something completely different:

Doctor Dee's Video Game Time Capsule:

Pac-Man Arcade Gold (Jakks Pacific Plug 'n' Play console with a collection of old school games)  All the games are programmed into the controller, thereby making this game console very portable and durable.  The games: Pac-Man, Galaxian, New Rally-X, Bosconian, Pac-Man Plus, Pac & Pal and my favorite SUPER PAC MAN.  I love this thing.  Super Pac Man is great cuz if you eat a certain kind of pellet you temporarily gain the ability to eat through certain walls!  There is also levels devoted to eating as much food as possible.  Garfield would love this game.  Each level is unique and if your good you might be able to break the preset high-score and save a high score of your own.  It took me a few weeks to do that.  The graphics lag behind occasionally, nothing major but still... nein goot.  I grade it A-.  It would have been an A+ if there were no graphics lag.

Journey To Stonehenge    I tried to install this to my new laptop but I don't think it is compatible with windows 8.  I might investigate to see if there's a solution to that problem.  I know it works on windows XP. The bad news- The graphics aren't the best and there's an occasional glitch.
The good news- It's like the original Donkey Kong arcade game but more interesting.  In Journey you control a husky cave man who tries to get through each level without getting crushed by boulders, bitten by birds, deep fried in lava, or rammed by rhinos.  There are some rhinos you can ride.  Also you can bounce of off the tops of flying birds (SUCK IT laws of physics)

Extreme Sports Arcade Summer Edition-  It's cool.  I played it on my old XP running ACER laptop.

some GR8 online games are Snow Ball (pinball) , Gamma Bros , Crimson And Stache

Stay tuned cuz Ima post a list of some of the best games soonish!



Sunday, August 4, 2013

VIDEO GAMES TIME CAPSULE (((*Love*In*The*Year*3,000*)))

As the Beatles said: "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE"---
In other news:  I have a new hobby: video game development.  Dude!  I have compiled a list of the great video games I played growing up that inspire me.  They are listed in the approximate order in which I discovered them:

1.  Raptor- a jet plane shoot-'em-up with nasty weapons and nastier bosses.  Fortunately your plane is fortified well enough to get shot many many times and still stay somewhat intact.  Be careful though because if your air craft gets too much damage it will start malfunctioning.  I give this game an A+  

2. Rayman- the original game for PC.  Possibly the most vibrant and unique side scrolling adventure game.      The Game Boy Advance version is also excellent!  Gotta love the propeller hair!  Later on I got playstation    one version.  There are some differences between the PS1 and the others.  There are items and enemies in     its levels that I don't remember being in the other versions.  Also Rayman has less chunks of health so I         didn't go as far in this version of the game.  I give these games an A+       

3. Star Gunner- a space ship shoot-'m-up with brilliant graphics, awesome music, and insane action. A+ 

4. Super Smash Bros.  Best multiplayer combat game ever! A+  

5. Super Mario Sunshine- Mario + Super Soaker = AWESOME.  A+  I played it in in my middle school years and loved it.  However, I was a little annoyed by the fact that my then best friend, Josh, was better at it then me. ---side note: Josh was awesome to jam on keyboards with and play video games with.  We also used to love playing with K'nex.  But later on Josh got popular and would rather party and hang with the jocks than chill out with me.---   This is the truth and I ain't gunna edit it.

Okay I'm done with that tangent now.

5.  Strikers 1945 for play station.... wait for it.... ONE!-  Like Raptor but with air strikes and instant death if hit by JUST ONE bullet.  Also you can choose from 6 different planes each with it's own unique set of weapons. A.  Apparently there is a version for PS2 as well and it includes a sequel game.  

6. Rayman 2-  This is the best game I ever played and beat on the Nintendo 64. A+

7. Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc:  I had it on Nintendo Game Cube.  Power-up's are cool.  Combat was cool with the ability to throw your fist in curve-ball style to the left or right to finally wipe out them tricky Hoodlums.  I also had the Gameboy Advance Version, which is also quite good.  If you want to try it I recommend getting the Rayman 10th anniversary collection cuz it has both Rayman 1 and 3 in one cartridge!

8. Fairly Odd Parents Shadow Showdown.  My favorite Nintendo Game Cube Game.  Way creative game concept and otherworldly environments.  Loaded with strange powers to utilize to solve problems and puzzles that are mentally stimulating but not over-the-top difficult.  The fact that this game is based off of a kid's cartoon series may have a lot to do wtih that.  Still game play is legit and SO FUN.  My only complaint is that the final boss was too easy.  For that reason I give this one an A-

 I just discovered that there is another Fairly Odd Parents Game for N.G.C. titled BREAKIN 'DA RULES.  I didn't read any reviews but I think I may need to add this to my collection.    :)

9. Drill Dozer (for gamboy advance).  Dude! If you have a Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS lite, Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance Micro.  Get this game.  Do it! Do it NOW!  It's a totally unique game with a rare feature for GBA games, it vibrates.  A+       

10. Iridion CC, The game that I made:
You can grade this one.  Tell me what you think and post a grade.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

RIP: the aviary online music suite

A while back I discovered that the online Aviary Music Creation app has been taken down.  I'm now starting the hunt for similar online music creation tools.  Monkey machine and drumbot are good for drum tracks.  I have also found this one:

I'll post more links to stuff that may help fill the void that the late Aviary Music Creator has left in our hearts.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Kraken

A creature writhed in the depths, that I knew.
Her eyes blacker than night.
Her tentacles propelled her, the crew tried repel her
from their great ol' ship of ocean blue.
Aye, pirates they be, and their treasures were three:
'twere rubies and silvers and golds.
Swords, spears, guns and cannons!  None could do her in!
I watched it from land, through a rusty telescope.
Clearly that sea-bitch would win...

Red Light Sting lyrics link:

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dancing with Ashley (a haiku)

Her pumpkin hair on
My finger's forehead breathing
Essence of wonder

Saturday, May 25, 2013

If Loony Toons Went Gangster. . .

   Bugs Bunny was in the ICU, anesthetized and hooked up to an IV.  His pimp medallion was stained scarlet and the sapphires in his dental bling were cracked. 

   His diamond studded ears a-twitching, he dreamed a dream.  The historic dream of what had been.

   "Thee-uh-dee-uh-dee-uh-THAT'S ALL FOLKS!"  This time really was.  It really was the last loony toon.  Warner Brothers was bankrupt.  Disney was destitute. 

   In fact the entire entertainment industry was going under.  Brix Industries had created the end-all-be-all of entertainment media, the Democratron.  It synthesized alternate universes!  It played tennis!  Its wiry-brain had Shakespeare as well Spongebob!  It could play Mozart and sing Kesha!  And, if it had to, it would even pretend to be Barney.

   Well, Elmer Fud and Bugs Bunny, the two toons with the fattest checks, were used to a grandiose life.  And with no more Loony Toon cash they needed another way to make money... organized crime, why not. 

   No less "loony". 

   Bugs Bunny was now called 'B.B.' and head-honcho of 'Two Four K. Intelligentsia' gang.  Elmer Fud AKA 'God Fudda' was still Bugs Bunny's enemy and leader of 'Platinum'. 

   "Alright, bromio, whadda ya say?," said B.B, "Want in on the 'Two Four K. Intelligentsia'?  If yes, you pogo!  Hip-hop yo butt to Half-dollar Hive with this basketball.  When you get there "Platinum" peeps'll be all in yo face, askin' what you be doin' on Fudda turf, but they won't know you work feh' me.  You tell 'em you want to become a "Platinum".  They'll pat you down feh' guns and knives and all, but they let you hang on to that ball.  When they bring you in teh' chat with God Fudda, that's the critical moment.  You see that little string coming outta the ball?  This is ain't no ordinary ball, it's a gun pretendin' to be a ball.  Pull the string and God Fudda go bye bye!"

   B.B. handed over agent orange.  'Bromio' was impressed, this thing had realistic basket ball gripple, a hard springiness, and weighed less than he thought it would.

   "I like the way you layed it out man!  There's just one thing...," said the newbie Gangster.

   "What's up, doc?"

"This!"  Bromio pulled the sting and a blazing bullet burst.  The Rabbit took it the shoulder and suffered severe blood loss.  Shortly thereafter 'Bromio' was murked.  Bug's body went into shock and his mind went into faint awareness of medics and flashing lights.

The Magus Bottle (A Poem)

After doing dishes I took a dandy brandy bottle out of the garbage
And she was pleased to meet me.
The rusty robin’s nest scratched away her old skin in the rinse water.

 Katie I named her, my imagination station, my magus bottle.
A magic wand spilled ink over her roundish body,
Replacing the labels she had been stripped of.
Katie had been given a tattoo.

Christmas Season’s reason gave paint and brushes to create
A full spectrum color plectrum
Tracing the flower and the rainbow lettering,
Tracing my baritone valves and my trombone slide,
Tracing the symbol pad and the piano keys.

Her body took in the new blood of paint in place of the dandy brandy some vampire had depleted her of.

With a musical instrument that produces no sound, I would welcome the new year.  

Friday, April 26, 2013

ROCK BOTTOM the music video

By the way I'm in the band that recorded this!  We are very happy with it.

Super Mario Bros World 1

Super Mario Bros World 1: Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach AGAIN, Join Mario and Luigi as they travel through the first world of Super Mario Bros. Hopefully Princess Peach isn't in another castle. This isn't a remake of the original Super Mario Bros.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Ersky Bersky

My cool images

I played around with M.S. paint, photopad, and artweaver 3.0 and made these sah-weet pixx!

Monday, February 18, 2013

As the prophecy foretold!

In 2010, the year I graduated high school, I wrote down concepts for what kind of music I wanted to create in a band.  And here I am three years later thinking DUDE!  It's all been created! SWEET!  My music has something in every style I'm interested even techno.

I met Rigby later that year.  He was in a different band then.  When his band broke up we he asked me if I wanted to start a band with him.  I said yes so we started hanging out more and started our fiendish schemes.  Lets make our notes clash with one another some times!  Let's have weird and funny lyrics!  Let's have made up words in our songs! 

We are still figuring out our formula.  One of the newer developments is squealing vocals.  And giving our songs a very improvisational quality. (our plan is to not have a plan)

By the way we call ourselves "Don't Panic" now.  Soon our new song "It Smells Like Spaghetti With 42 Meatballs" will be online.   

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Nutcracker Suite

Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy
Trepak (Russian Dance)
Arab Dance
Chinese Dance
Dance of the Reed Pipes
Waltz of the Flowers

Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Song

I have a new song on my reverbnation page called Impossible Words.  It features the random thoughts of Rigby and I.  It has an interesting combination of grunge and psychedelic qualities.  It has some out of tune guitars and a kalimba.  I can also see sort of a Hot Hot Heat influence 2 minutes into the track. 

Don't Panic (formerly Mostly Harmless) has also recorded a few versions of the song too, but we still have work to do.  I'm modeling my drumming style in this band after Meg White of the white stripes.

Planet Caravan Guitar Tab

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Life Times 1000

I've been playing hocky and basketball.  Good times.  Psychodelix is gunna be commin' out with a sick new rap soon.  I'm planning on playing a song in the Monticello Riverfest Talent Show.  I have also been working on my guitar soloing and piano skills. 

I've been enjoying classic cartoons like Courage The Cowardly Dog and Dexter's Laboratory!  Played some Tony Hawk's Underground 2 today.  Not sure how far I'm gunna get in story mode but I've learned how to do some cool tricks.

I like the song Punkadiddle by Mike Oldfield. 

Goin' to my dad's house in Paynesville this weekend and perhaps finnish the song Impossible Words there.

Fly Away Guitar Tab (Lenny Kravitz)

Country Style Guitar

Monday, January 14, 2013

Good Times

No job at this point so I get to be a bum for a while.

I just had me a fun session of treadmill, jumping, air guitar, and singing along with Probot, Nirvana, The Living End, and Hot Hot Heat.  Hell yeah!  good times.

Ice Cold Man (Probot)