Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Magus Bottle (A Poem)

After doing dishes I took a dandy brandy bottle out of the garbage
And she was pleased to meet me.
The rusty robin’s nest scratched away her old skin in the rinse water.

 Katie I named her, my imagination station, my magus bottle.
A magic wand spilled ink over her roundish body,
Replacing the labels she had been stripped of.
Katie had been given a tattoo.

Christmas Season’s reason gave paint and brushes to create
A full spectrum color plectrum
Tracing the flower and the rainbow lettering,
Tracing my baritone valves and my trombone slide,
Tracing the symbol pad and the piano keys.

Her body took in the new blood of paint in place of the dandy brandy some vampire had depleted her of.

With a musical instrument that produces no sound, I would welcome the new year.  

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