Thursday, May 7, 2015


Wasn't that video COOL!  Mark Applebaum is a genius!  I have been known to play a heatsink as a musical instrument so I think he and I are two of a kind.

I have had issues obsessing on my Luv$tep song.  Seeing all the imperfections and listening to it over and over.  Thankfully when time allows I am able to correct the imperfections and re-release the song.  Recording music is a lot of fun but doing high quality production is hard and so is high quality vocals.  I hope to be remembered for my music.  Not that I expect to die anytime soon.  (I'm only 23)  But still I think I'm pretty fly as a musical wangsta.  LOL not really a wangsta but I thought that would make y'all laugh.

I've talked with my mom, dad, & the rest of the team about me moving out of my group home and into an apartment.  It would be a welcomed change I think.  Things are good here but I would like the freedom of living alone.  I would also enjoy getting away from some of the annoying habits my housemates sometimes have.

The Primal Musician, TPM.  It's a pretty big deal.  Sort of an autobiography of my life though often neglected.  I'm glad I'm able to share drone tones, ethnic scales, guitar licks and more awesomeness with the world.  It also so happens that I have an account on soundcloud also called The Primal Musician.  On that account you can find an HD recording of the new "Luv$tep" song I have been dutifully refining.

I'm a creative guy.  Check out these creative youtube videos I put together!  The first 3 are comedy and the 4th is psychedelic.  Enjoy!