Friday, August 28, 2015

Vacation And Things

Hello friends!  I recently went on a vacation with my Dad and Step-mom, Sally and we had a great time.  We went Though South Dakota and saw Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.  Almost every evening we watched Big Bang Theory.  I saw my grandmother again and told her what I've been up to recently.  We took her with us to Idaho to see my half-sister and her family as well as my half-brother.  We ate well, having dessert every day and eating plenty.  We went to a place that did Brazilian food.  Delicious!  Another day I got to eat Cuban Corn thanks to my half-brother, Dave.  Really tasty stuff!  It's corn that you put mayo with herbs on then roll in cheese.  Damn straight!

I got to show my nephew how to make video games using the website,
It was fun and he had such wacky ideas for games!  He's a smart cookie.

We all went to Triple Play amusement park.  I enjoyed laser tag, something I did for the first time there.  I also enjoyed playing mini-golf, telling jokes the entire game.  We did bowling too.  I sucked.
Last but not least was the Arcade.  That was fun too.  I won 200 tickets and got a pair of fuzzy dice.

I got lots of opportunities to play guitar and sing for everybody.  They noticed improvement in my playing.  It felt good to perform.

On the way home from vacation I made a music video to Techno Bass Crew's "All Aboard The Bass Train" and when I got back I published it.

My music is for sale online now:

Also I made the address for this blog shorter and easier to remember:

I feel like a guy with a lot to do and yet not.  This is because I always have so many ideas for projects and songs but doing them is not mandatory.  Doing them makes me feel accomplished.  The point to remember is that these are hobbies and I can take a break from them to do other things, like play video games and watch TV.  Relaxation is important.  Well thanks for reading folks have a great day!