Friday, September 18, 2015

Moving In January

So I got told that there will be an opening at a different group home more suited to me.  My team asked me if I wanted to move there.  I said yes and I'm very excited about this change up ahead!  I know the guys that live there and they're pretty cool.  It's a more independent house and I'm ready for that.  I look forward to playing video games with the guys there.  Life won't be perfect but I feel that it will be better.

I recently remastered a couple of my avant garde remix tracks to make them even better.  I also remastered my "Zombie Attack (dubstep version)" today.  It sounds pretty rad.

I have an idea for a dubstep version of "Trapped In A Pill" too.  I've laid down some stuff recently.  No vocals though.  We'll see what happens.

Early in this blog I said that if you make music for YOU somebody's got to like it, right!?
Well that's been true for me.  People like my stuff.  They also tell me what they think I could improve sometimes too.  This is good because it helps me improve my music.

Keep it real, homies!