Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mixtape 2017

PLEASE VOTE for my song "Aspergians" to be on the next Coast 2 Coast EDM Mixtape.  Your help is much appreciated!  I put a lot of myself into this song and I'd like to see it get to as many listeners possible.  And HERE'S the LINK!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Update with Donald Neu, no Trumps allowed.

I'm not a political person but I do have my opinions and my personal opinion is that Donald Trump is a jack-ass!  Moving on from that, HI!!! How are you?

So my first date with Carly was very nice, she came over and we played Klask and Uno Dare :) Funny Fact: when she first arrived I sprayed silly string at her!  We had a really good time and I could tell that we hit it off!  I got a few other people with the silly string and she called me an asshole (Joking LOL)

I recently hung out with an old friend, Neal and we played Klask, Zobmondo, & Apples To Apples with our peeps!  For those of you who haven't yet been enlightened Klask is essentially air hockey with magnets and Zobmondo is a game of "would you rather" decisions.  There were plenty of zany moments!  I had a really good time with everyone and we watched X-men Days of Future Past.  While I was there I also showed off my new program "Magix Music Maker"!  I think it's going to help me create some stellar muzak!

I actually worked with my girlfriend today and I can honestly say it helped.  I was feeling tired because I've stayed up late these past few nights, but she helped perk me up.  We are certainly a couple of goobers!  Over this past weekend I watched a lot of The Late Show with my step bro and we also went shopping at Goodwill and Pawn America in St. Cloud.  I got season one of Adventure Time, a very amusing show from Cartoon Network!  Should be awesome to vegetate and watch.  I have a hard time unwinding sometimes because I always seem to want to do something, achieve something.  It may be part of the reason I've turned to marijuana in the past.  I've tried listening to I-dosers and psychedelic audio these seem to really help too.  So I'm planning to meditate and listen to and even create I-dosers.  It's all a part of my growth.  If you would like to hear a couple of my I-dosers here they are:

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Some say that writing in all caps makes it sound angry but I often write some things all caps to express great joy!  So ALL CAPS!  I recently asked out a great girl from where I work.  She said yes and we had fun dancing Saturday!  It was a lot of fun, great people, great music, great food, good times!  I even did some break dancing even though I told myself I wouldn't... (Afraid to hurt my back)  Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind!  I am excited for what the future may hold for me and her.  CARLY is Asperger's just like me so we can be teammates.  We can help one another and share many good times on life's road.  I'm glad our work brought us together!

Before I reconnected with her, I had a two month run an Quiznos, where I worked preparing sandwiches for customers, cleaning, and washing dishes when needed.  I made good friends there and got a boatload of new job experience in customer service.  One of my work buddies came over to hang out and we Played Monti-opoly an offbrand Monopoly game.  And the theme of the game, no surprise here, MONTICELLO!  We also played Super Smash Bros for GameCube and he beat me every game, but I think I was skilled adversary.

But I'm getting ahead of myself in this writing, because how could I forget today I hung out with my buddy Dustin for his Birthday!  We ate Buffalo Wild Wings and later I was invited to his apartment for banana splits.  Me and Mike split his tab and I know that made him happy.  Dustin is a great person he never hesitates to help someone out so it was good that me and Mike could return the favor.  Earlier today I spent the day at my old place hanging out with Neal.  We watched a little bit of the Vikings v Panthers game but mostly we focused on Robot Chicken a show hosted on Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim".  I brought DVD's of the show over and Neal loved it!  It was so nice visiting with the other folks there too!  YOU GUYS ROCK!

Last weekend I went to the Cross Roads Mall in St. Cloud with some friends.  We actually went the day of the stabbing.  I am so thankful my friends and I left before that took place!  One of us actually lost his wallet but I won't name names.  The other guy, Gage is pretty cool!  I thought it was cool how he was almost as much of a nerd as I am!  We all discussed what super hero powers and weaknesses we would want on the drive back home.

Then on Sunday I hung out with my buddy Jon.  I got love from his pets and enjoyed playing Halo games and Soul Calibur 4.  Jon you are one funny mo' fo' I got to say.  He got stuck in a upwards wind tunnel so he threw down grenade after grenade until finally one came up and cleaned his clock!  Before dinner, we watched the movie "American Wedding".  That movie is like "What the Hell!" great adult raunchy humor.  One of American Pie's great sequels!  Dinner that day was chili; Jon's parents also treated me to a delicious array of taffies!

Wind the clock back a little more and we arrive at my buddy, Rick's house.  Again I got love from pets!  My favorite was Iktomy, one of Rick's pet cat's who just loved sitting in my lap and getting petted!  I also got to pet Lilly, a black puppy dog who sat on my lap as Rick and I watched "Blues Brothers".  Lilly was a sweetheart too.  I was able to help Rick out with his new music gear and learning to use it in recording.  This was an honor because Rick is a seasoned musician who just needed a kick start to get into the technical aspects of recording and production.  I got to be that guy!  I got to teach him!  Our buddy in Kansas called and we pretended to be stoned, good times...

Well that about raps it up.  Hope to see the best of you at my Muzak Birthday Bash next year!      

Saturday, September 24, 2016

First Vlog

So not sure if this really counts as a vlog, but I'd like to show off my new Sploder Gaming Series!
It's on YouTube under my regular name "Donald Neu".  The channel with the silly putty beard is the one you should go to first but there's a lot of neat stuff on the channel with the frog too!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Life with Asperger's

Let me tell you a story.  The story of my life with Asperger's.  When I was in preschool the teachers noticed that I did not like to play with the other children.  I kept to myself, playing with whatever toys interested me.  Not playing with the rest of them was an early indicator that I was somehow different, but they were not sure what the difference was.  I was diagnosed with P.D.D.N.O.S. Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.  In Elementary School they noticed my vocabulary was different, I liked to use big words that most other kids didn't understand.  I had a hard time paying attention in certain classes, and the teaches called it A.D.D. Attention Deficit Disorder.   By that time I had made a few friends, but I would not say I was "popular" at this time.  Actually I was teased a lot during recess.  Kid's called me Donald Duck and they knew I didn't like it.  They actually had a nursery rhyme, "Donald Duck picked his butt, how many fingers got stuck?"  Now I forgive the person who came up with that saying, but it hurt at the time.  I remember "charging up" running in place to get people.  I threw handfuls of pebbles.  I had a "nemesis" and we were both bigger kids.  We insulted each other's weight.  As time progressed things got better.  I had a "Smile Room" I could go to and play.  There were all these cool games and toys there and I could be rowdy and expend some energy.  It was nice to take some time off!  Sometimes I got to take other kids along and we could get to know each other.  My aide helped me pay attention in class and I was on a good path.  My sense of humor started developing and I would sing funny songs on the school bus.  That humor and musical mindset would stick with me for the rest of my life. When people realized I was actually kind of a cool, funny kid I became more accepted, and the teasing got better.  But I remember once when I was feeling bad inside I teased another, younger kid on the bus quite brutally.  I sang a song calling him retarded, other kids laughed.  I kept doing it until he cried!  If I could travel back in time I would probably smack that younger version of myself for being such a little bastard then!  What was I thinking?  I knew how that shit felt!  Why did I take part in it?  I guess all I can say is that I was hurting so I hurt someone else to feel better.  It's a vicious cycle: hurt people hurt people!  That was years ago, and I would never do that again.  I've learned my lessen well, because now I believe in treating people as politely as I can.  Actually I am quite annoyed when I don't see others do the same.  You could say I over-corrected, because my good nature got taken advantage of later in life.  Now in elementary school they called it A.D.D. Attention Deficit Disorder, but when I started Middle School they realized I have Asperger's Syndrome.  Now Asperger's is a form of High Functioning Autism and I identify with it because it makes sense to me: the special interests, having a hard time understanding some social behaviors, and hyperfocusing on certain things.  Often in school I would barge in on other peoples conversations and interrupt people without realizing I was being rude.  I continued to take special ed classes in social skills, but all my other classes were regular classes.  I was really into school and learning especially Science and English.  I was in Boy Scouts and that too helped my social skills.  Like I said I was on a good path, but when my parents divorced I learned a new part of Asperger's I didn't know about.  The Asperger's shut down.  I knew my parents sometimes got into fights and it could get bad, and they once had a trial separation, but I didn't know the toll when they finally got divorced.  At first it didn't really hurt. It was Summer time and I just kind of created art and played video games and learned my way around town.  But after a couple months it DID hurt.  Boy did it hurt.  Once I cried to my mom, "I know you guys felt like you had to divorce but I just wish you could stay together for me!"  As time progressed I would start acting giddy and laugh for no reason then suddenly bawl out my sorrow.  I would walk through the halls looking only up at the lights.  I was prescribed depakote and started seeing a therapist.  These things helped, though depakote was quite sedating.  I'll say this it did the job for right then and I had a great therapist.  I had an aide again for a while because school needed to keep me learning and keep me safe.  I also saw the school therapist, Dave.  Dave was a very neat guy!  I remember shooting hoops in his office and telling him about my life and my ideas for inventions.  I began writing my story "Gruffy & Scruffy, Hamster Heroes" and the kids I showed it to really liked its humor and story telling.  I have a lot of good memories from Middle School and High School.  Recently I stumbled onto an old report card and it was practically all A's.  Seeing that made me proud that even with the challenges I was facing I was doing well.  In High School I had a special bond with my band teacher.  I think he liked teaching me new things on the baritone and piano.  I also think he like watching me learn some things on my own.  One summer we were going to record a piece I had composed for the piano.  We were all set to record... but when I began playing we realized there were no bass strings in the piano!  So that recording wasn't made, at least not until I began recording on my laptop.  Music has been a great blessing to me!  I loved performing songs with the band, and with the school Jazz Group!  I loved playing in pep-band and playing at school games!  I also loved playing original music for piano and guitar at Paynesville Talent Shows!  But my path wouldn't always be on the straight and narrow.  One summer I tried marijuana.  I had some friends who smoked it and I told them I was curious about it.  Thus began the Stoner Era.  For better or worse I loved the feeling of being high from marijuana, the way it totally relaxes all your muscles and you notice every detail of a song, and the way it brings people together.  But I wasn't sure I wanted to keep doing it.  I was afraid of becoming addicted and I eventually fessed up to my mom.  She wasn't terribly surprised but she wanted to support me quitting.  And I did quit... for a while.  I guess I decided I probably wouldn't get addicted if I tried it again.  I was going to chance it.  And one summer smoking pot became my whole life.  In school I checked out a book on marijuana and other drugs I wanted to know the science behind smoking pot.  But I had no interest in doing any other drugs.  I learned about THC and how it releases dopamine in the brain.  I learned that the brain makes its own THC but smoking marijuana floods the brain with more THC than it is used to.  I learned that smoking marijuana can be a risk factor in developing schizophrenia.  I learned all these things and decided I would still chance it.  But my senior year of High School I decided I wanted to go to college to learn about music, so eventually I tried cleaning up my act.  I was in Honors English and Advanced Psychology, classes I really enjoyed!  I was learning.  Even when I had been smoking pot I loved to learn, but if I was going to do college I wanted to be on my A game.  When I first went off to college I was very excited.  I had earned a full ride scholarship to the University of Minnesota Morris!  I wanted to learn all I could about music and eventually do my own thing in my own niche of the music world.  I knew it would be a challenge but I didn't know what I was in for.  My first night I was locked out of my dorm and I decided to sleep on the bench outside.  The cops found me and assumed I was on drugs.  They took me somewhere to take a sample of my blood.  Even though it was clean I don't remember much else from that night.  I had to quickly adapt to this whole new world.  A world where I had to find my way to classes, do homework, not get lost, and meet new people.  It was hard for me to sleep because it was very warm in my room.  I was struggling.  I was shutting down.  And my parents thought it best for me to come home, so my stay at U of M, Morris was short lived.  I started my stay in St. Cloud with Dad and my step-mom, Sally.  I started recording music on my laptop again and I worked at Goodwill-Easter Seals.  And when I was ready I started driving again.  I was also taken off depakote.  I enjoyed the freedom to go to the mall, go skateboarding, play video games, watch TV shows with my folks, go swimming in the quarry.  It was a happy time in my life.  But eventually Dad, Sally, and I moved out of the apartment in St. Cloud.   They decided I could stay in the house in Paynesville and commute to my early job in St. Cloud.  I worked at Short Stop Restaurant at that time, preparing and packaging sandwiches.  Most of the time then they were at their apartment in Minneapolis.  That's when my life started falling apart again. That job was too early and I had to drive an hour to work each day.  On top of that I began doing cough syrup with some older friends. Once I drove home still high on cough syrup only I did not take the direct rout.  I also drove to my childhood stomping grounds Cyrilla Beach.  Miraculously I did not get arrested for driving intoxicated or cause any accidents or hurt anyone.  I made it home and was very lucky!  I was an idiot for having done that!  There was an intervention and I moved in with my Mom and step-dad, Al in Stanchfield, MN (a town close to Cambridge.)  Once again things returned to normal but there was a new uncertainty in my life.  Where was I going to live?  My mom and Al were going to move to Arizona eventually.  Was I going to live with them or was I going into a group home?  What would that be like?  I would have times when I was on top of my game and other times when I was shut down from uncertainty.  I went to a support group in Cambridge.  One time in the middle of group I interrupted everything and began writing one of my poems on the wall.  It was a disruption to the program but I didn't care.  Another time I interrupted everything and wrote a bunch of sentences in Braille.  I didn't find anything odd about that; I just couldn't contain myself.  I would get bored in meeting and start writing things in HTML code on my support plan.  I was learning HTML coding and DOS, as well as BASIC.  I had made my first home-made website but didn't have it hosted on anyone else's computer.  Of course I had my blog too, but I wanted an understanding of how to make a site from scratch.  I was very interested in computers then, and that too would stick with me.  I'm glad for the support group to teach me new coping skills and how to recognize warning signs that I might shut down.  I also volunteered at a Family Pathways Thrift Store.  One time my mind wasn't working so well and I skateboarded off on a donated board with no clue where I was going.  Al or my mom called me to get me to return.  I was out of it, I didn't think of them worrying or the danger I could have gotten into.  Eventually the time came for me to move into a group home.  I moved in in August 2012 and I became friends with my housemates.  I played basketball, Uno, and Monopoly with them.  I purchased a condenser mic and the quality of my recordings improved dramatically.  I eventually began working at Walmart, first a temp job in Dairy and Frozen then rehired for Produce & Bakery.  Again, I began thinking it would be cool to have a website besides my blog.  I learned to have a website you must first have a host and that some hosts also have apps for web-design.  I discovered Wix and decided that's what I wanted to use.  So one day working in produce I kept all sorts of notes on how I was going to design my website.  Oh what excitement I had!  I was going to invent Donny The Neoclassic, my website showcasing all of my interests!  It loved creating this site!  It was what all my computer studies were leading up to.  It was one of my proudest achievements.  But there would be more snags in the road though, because it became hard for me to live where I was and I was struggling with obsessive thoughts and insomnia.  I was hospitalized because I had a bad episode.  When I was hospitalized the first thing I did was 100 sit-ups punching my fists into the bathroom wall.  Boy was I sore the following days!  They X-rayed my hands to make sure I hadn't broken any bones.  But all in all being hospitalized was kind of a nice break.  I didn't have to worry about being annoyed by anyone, I didn't have to do any work, and I had plenty of time to make plans for my website.  I also had a game where anytime I saw Barack Obama on the TV I would throw my orange at it.  It was very amusing to my new friends there.  After a while I returned home and things were better.  I had a new sleep med to help me get rest.  I was also on the med Lamictal which helped level me out without turning me into a zombie.  I decided I wanted to quit Walmart and work at Options Inc.  This turned out to be a very good choice for me.  Working the job-sites of Options was lower stress and though I was still obsessing at first I believe the low stress was a big factor in me eventually overcoming my obsessions.  I was doing well, but still still wanted to move out.  Eventually I got to opportunity to move to a new group home within the same company.  I jumped on that and moved here!  I am very happy.  Sure there's still bumps in the road sometimes but life is good.                           

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Neu Family Reunion

Hi friends!  Today I'm going to be recapping the Neu Family Reunion.  It was amazing & never was there a dull moment!  We stayed at the Lake 5 Resort in the Mountains of Montana.  There was a cool, clean, blue lake we swam in.  We had a raft with a diving board and a raft with a slide.  Dave brought an inflatable "party barge" that we managed to get 15 people on all at once.  My family is seriously awesome!  I got to know people in my family a lot better, like when I kicked around a soccer ball with Wolfgang and his family.

On our second day we hiked Avalanche Creek.  It was a beautiful rain forest.  On my hike I visited with my step-mother, Sally as well as Dianne and Barb.  Barb's husband Tim caught up with us about half way and I enjoyed talking with him about music and such.  Tim had become a very supportive fan after checking out some of my Youtube videos.

Dave brought a game called Klask, which is essentially air hockey with magnets but a little different. It was really fun to play and watch games & everyone had to try it!  I may have to buy a Klask table myself.  We also played a lot of volleyball.  Florian became "Captain Airstrike" with his wicked serve!  Late nights we sometimes played Cards Against Humanity.  God that game is EVIL in the funniest way!

On our third day was the Neu Family Auction where family members bid on each other's items to raise funds for the next reunion.  I got to perform "The Biscuit Song" and I played possibly my best take of that song yet!  I really felt the music flow through me as I heard my family clap along.  It was like, "Woah this is AMAZING!"  My CD's sold like hotcakes!  I raised $35 for the next reunion.  I also paid $20 for a sha'weeet Renaissance Fair mug.  I got'sta drink my morning Mountain Dew from that.

On our forth day some of us went on the high ropes course near our camp.  I'm so glad I decided to go along.  It was really fun.  There was all kinds of ways to climb along, even a makeshift skateboard with a rope attached.  There was a lot of adrenaline going through me, but I just remembered that I was always safe with those harnesses.

So now I'm back home in Minnesota.  I've started a new job and possibly may have a new girlfriend if I play my cards right.  ;)  We'll see how life goes.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Just arrived at Grandma's house

We had ribs and watched game shows in the evening.  I slept in the office last night.  It was very nice. The night before we stayed at a hotel with very poor air conditioning.  It was a much better temperature here.  We've had ribs twice in a row because we had ribs at the restaurant next door to the hotel as well.  Stay awesome, friends!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Trip to New Mexico

I've been meaning to write about my trip to New Mexico to see my mom...  I've just been all sorts of crazy busy.  But now I'm finally getting around to it.  I got to do some hiking in the mountains and explored Sugarite Canyon a place where they used to do a lot of coal mining.  I learned that miners were often payed in scrip, a currency good to by things at the mining camps.  On the trail I found a piece of pottery from way back.  But I decided not to keep it since you're not supposed to take stuff like that.

My grandpa Jim and Anne visited with us in Phoenix and we went to the Museum of Natural History.
It was an interesting place.  I learned a lot about dinosaurs.  For instance I read in a book that the brachiosaurus had to say submerged in water because of their enormous size.  However the museum said it DID NOT live submerged in water.  That book's probably kind of out of date.  I think it's from the 80's or late 70's.  I got to try some virtual reality stuff and get electrodes scanning my head at the side kiosks there too.  Kinda cool.  I seem to remember a joke about Grandpa Jim's being a flat-line...

Actually my grandpa is very smart, he just needs to be taken with a grain of salt.  Later in the trip we went to mom & Al's property.  While Al drove, mom and I played Uno Dare.  It's a neat twist on Uno because some cards have funny dares you must do unless you'd rather draw cards.  When we got to mom & Al's property I got to see the animals again!  Lucy & Lumpy are the dogs.  Sydney and Spyder are the cats.  They were all very happy to see me too.

Mom has a friend named Rose.  Rose's son loves farming and I got to visit with him and check out his goats, gease & chicks.  He and his mother also make cheese, jerky, and even a soap which has some goats milk in it.  I enjoyed showing them music from my website.  They really liked it!  I told them next time I'm in New Mexico I'll bring them a CD of my recordings.  They gave me goose eggs which I cooked for breakfast one morning.  Very tasty!

I helped Al work on the house by bringing him cinder blocks.  I also split wood.  I guess you could say I earned my keep.  Mostly I got to take it easy though.  Movies watched included True Grit, White Coats, and The Three Amigos.  Good times.

I got to meet a friend of theirs and play his box drums and guitar.  He had a neat coffee shop and made the box drums himself.

Mom helped do some paperwork to register a trademark for my music!
SOCKS LIMITED music company is now an official trademark!  I got the certificate in the mail a few days ago.  I'm very excited.

I've recently put out some new raps and a song about nature on my soundcloud.
I've also been continuing to produce EDM and now have a FREE collection available on bandcamp.
Check this link:

I'm working on a new song about a mad scientist!  Stay tuned!

Photos from New Mexico (High Elevation Desert)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sonic The Fighters Remake

Here is my version of Sonic The fighters.  It's different from the original but I think it does the title justice.  At the same time it blends in the style of Super Smash Bros.  Enjoy the game!!!  Fair warning...  It's pretty challenging:

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Vegas, baby! VEGAS!!!

I recently went on a great vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada with my bros Michael and Matt!  On the night we arrived I really pigged out at the Buffet!  I ate so much I couldn't move; they had to roll me away like Violet from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!  Just kidding.  LOL

I enjoyed winning $40 from a slot machine my second day!  Slot machines have a lot of psychology behind them to keep people playing I see.  The fun sounds, bright lights, and colorful graphics.  I got my picture taken with the feather girls.

We stayed at The Golden Nugget on the original strip.  On our second day we ate brunch at Heart Attack Grill.  In order to be admitted to the Heart Attack Grill you must put on a hospital gown.  The waitresses were all dressed as nurses.  I got the double bypass burger.  It was huge!  Because Michael didn't finish his meal he was spanked by one of the nurses with a paddle!  That's the rule; if you don't finish your meal you get spanked.  There have been suspicions that Michael may have stopped short on purpose... not just because he was "full"

There were some street musicians playing electric guitar and others playing buckets as drums.  It was pretty cool.  I applauded for a couple folks playing bucket percussion in between songs and they were completely indifferent!  They didn't even smile.  Look if you're going to be a musician appreciate your audience!  Anyways...  There were also street dancers doing really cool dance moves.  I got to talking with one of them and he was a pretty cool, friendly guy.  In his dance he even did some acrobatic limbo and flips!  There were also cool night shows of 80's rock and dancing (not excluding twerking).  And we got to see the light show up above done to music by Heart.  That was perty shnazzy!

On our third day we all went to a novelty toy shop.  I chatted with the girl working there, practicing my conversational skills with the ladies.  I talked about superhero movies and "All Star Superman" a comic book I liked.  I kept it real.  I didn't try to be someone else.  I liked her but I didn't hit on her.  She would be a long way away to try to be in a relationship with.  A buddy of mine said I should have tried getting her number, but I'm glad I left that alone.  Even though it's easy to wonder what-ifs.
Hopefully I get a girlfriend sometime.

Anyways enjoy these sha'weeet photos from the trip:


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mi Lyfe

My step-bro took me out to see the movie "Zootopia" yesterday.  I really liked it!  There were some unexpected twists and clever jokes.  It was cute but also entertaining for adults too I'd say.

I got a book on web-design from my mom for my birthday and I plan on reading it on my flight to...
drumroll please... VEGAS!  Matt, Michael, and I are flying out on Monday and I'm excited to have some fun with my bros.  Cuz there's no time like bro time!

I've had some anxiety related to recordings I've done and hoping they turned out right.  I'm very involved and it can be a gift and a curse.  Vegas will be a nice break from that.  Fortunately I have people to reassure me that my tracks sound good.  I think the thing to remember is that I'm still developing as an artist and progress is always being made.

I went bowling with my buddy Tyler and his friend on Tuesday.  I won some games and therefore bragging rights!  After bowling we went to Walmart and they bought water pistols and squirted them at each other and me LOL.

I just posted my improvisation on a classical piece called "Ballade" to my soundcloud.
Give it a listen why don'tcha!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Photo Gallery

Hello friends!  Gave the site an overhaul today and I think it looks pretty good.  I may tweak it more perhaps.  Want it to be easy on the eyes like a hot chick!

Well my 24th Birthday is coming up and I'm going to Vegas this month.  I think vacationing with my housemate, Mike and staff, Matt will be a lot of fun! 

I have made it my goal to get a job in electronics in the next 4 years.  I like what I do now, but it doesn't really let me use my skills in electronics and/or music.  I'm still young and I will make it happen.  I will put my trust in God and my natural abilities to get to there.  I am lucky to have staff that can also assist me.  I have always been blessed with good staff, friends, & family!

There is a mind-meltingly relaxing song near completion that I will be posting to my soundcloud soon.  Continuing to learn FL Studio and loving it!  Very cool.  There's a feature called Beep-Map that I like to use to convert images into sound using wicked-technical cryptography.  The virtual instruments in FL allow for tweaks to change what you hear out of the instrument.  It's pretty cool!

The guys and I have been watching the Netflix series, Fuller House.  It can be quite entertaining.
I had Olive Garden with Jayne yesterday and had the Chicken Marsala.  It was AMAZING! 

Welcome to the Photo Gallery!


Jazz! Play that jazz!

Performing at Celebrate Recovery

Me & my boards

Mains'l Christmas Party
At Olive Garden with Jayne

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Aint no slowin' down!

Hello folks!  Phrosty Dee here givin' y'all a taste of enlightenment!
I got a sick trap remix made of my "Dance of the Lums" song! It's bass-boosted baby
Tharr be da link

Recorded some drums for Moxxie and he liked them.  But he said he wants something a bit more
structured so I have a new plan for making drum tracks.  Top secret!

I dressed somewhat like a hipster today with my baggy ICP shirt and gold chain (fake gold but legit LOL)  Stopped by the bank and got me $30 so I can shop thrift stores this weekend and perhaps sing the Macklemore song! 

I been jammin' with Fruity Loops, yo!  Gotz me a wicked new song in the works to follow up my first F.L. song, "X-Kray"
Tharr be da link

I got my first voice lesson with DJ Sprunk yesterday!  It was pretty awesome.  The lesson was mainly her getting to know me, but I also got some useful tips.  Looking forward to more lessons and she also said she would play my music for people!  AWESOME SAUCE!

The E-villes have a new music video in the works and Psychodelix have a new song almost finished.
I'm very happy to be a member of these bands.  It has been a great outlet for my creativity and I'm good buddies with my bandmates!

I have been using Twitter more to promote my music and share stuff in my life.
Tharr be da link

Well it's been fun catching up with you all!  Till next time D. Slice out!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

So I had a going away party before I moved and a lot of my friends were there.  Pizza and pop were served.  I was a DJ, playing my own songs as well as popular hits.  Ah yeah!  I played my new jam "X-Kray" for everybody. 

Moving into the new place went pretty smooth.  I'm still settling in but I feel at home here.  I played Super Smash Bros. with Mike and Jayne a few days back.  It's quieter here and I'm finding my new room to be a good place to record.  I have a pop filter now and my room is the biggest bedroom in the house so I think it's a working system.

Latest jam: "Luv$tep Lyve".  I layered a pretty sick rap over trippy digital sounds to create it.  I think it turned out pretty good.  Check out my music page, to hear it, yo! 

I've been watching the show "Phineas and Ferb" lately.  I know it's a kid's show but I find it entertaining.  It's always fun to see how their pet platypus (secret agent P) foils the plans of the evil Doctor Doofenshmirtz!  The show can seem a bit formulaic.  Actually the producers seem to poke fun at their own show!  But yeah, good stuff.

The E-Villes (Me, Moxxie, & Rigby) are wrapping up a song called "Bad Junk".  We also have the song "Molly's Lips" in progress.

I really want a Wii U so can play "Super Mario Maker"!  I'm gunna get me one o' them!  Just gotta save up the cash.  Well I DO have that's probably pretty similar.  I think I'll sign off for now and resume progress on my Sonic game.  So long and thanks for all the fish.