Thursday, February 25, 2016

Aint no slowin' down!

Hello folks!  Phrosty Dee here givin' y'all a taste of enlightenment!
I got a sick trap remix made of my "Dance of the Lums" song! It's bass-boosted baby
Tharr be da link

Recorded some drums for Moxxie and he liked them.  But he said he wants something a bit more
structured so I have a new plan for making drum tracks.  Top secret!

I dressed somewhat like a hipster today with my baggy ICP shirt and gold chain (fake gold but legit LOL)  Stopped by the bank and got me $30 so I can shop thrift stores this weekend and perhaps sing the Macklemore song! 

I been jammin' with Fruity Loops, yo!  Gotz me a wicked new song in the works to follow up my first F.L. song, "X-Kray"
Tharr be da link

I got my first voice lesson with DJ Sprunk yesterday!  It was pretty awesome.  The lesson was mainly her getting to know me, but I also got some useful tips.  Looking forward to more lessons and she also said she would play my music for people!  AWESOME SAUCE!

The E-villes have a new music video in the works and Psychodelix have a new song almost finished.
I'm very happy to be a member of these bands.  It has been a great outlet for my creativity and I'm good buddies with my bandmates!

I have been using Twitter more to promote my music and share stuff in my life.
Tharr be da link

Well it's been fun catching up with you all!  Till next time D. Slice out!