Thursday, March 31, 2016

Vegas, baby! VEGAS!!!

I recently went on a great vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada with my bros Michael and Matt!  On the night we arrived I really pigged out at the Buffet!  I ate so much I couldn't move; they had to roll me away like Violet from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!  Just kidding.  LOL

I enjoyed winning $40 from a slot machine my second day!  Slot machines have a lot of psychology behind them to keep people playing I see.  The fun sounds, bright lights, and colorful graphics.  I got my picture taken with the feather girls.

We stayed at The Golden Nugget on the original strip.  On our second day we ate brunch at Heart Attack Grill.  In order to be admitted to the Heart Attack Grill you must put on a hospital gown.  The waitresses were all dressed as nurses.  I got the double bypass burger.  It was huge!  Because Michael didn't finish his meal he was spanked by one of the nurses with a paddle!  That's the rule; if you don't finish your meal you get spanked.  There have been suspicions that Michael may have stopped short on purpose... not just because he was "full"

There were some street musicians playing electric guitar and others playing buckets as drums.  It was pretty cool.  I applauded for a couple folks playing bucket percussion in between songs and they were completely indifferent!  They didn't even smile.  Look if you're going to be a musician appreciate your audience!  Anyways...  There were also street dancers doing really cool dance moves.  I got to talking with one of them and he was a pretty cool, friendly guy.  In his dance he even did some acrobatic limbo and flips!  There were also cool night shows of 80's rock and dancing (not excluding twerking).  And we got to see the light show up above done to music by Heart.  That was perty shnazzy!

On our third day we all went to a novelty toy shop.  I chatted with the girl working there, practicing my conversational skills with the ladies.  I talked about superhero movies and "All Star Superman" a comic book I liked.  I kept it real.  I didn't try to be someone else.  I liked her but I didn't hit on her.  She would be a long way away to try to be in a relationship with.  A buddy of mine said I should have tried getting her number, but I'm glad I left that alone.  Even though it's easy to wonder what-ifs.
Hopefully I get a girlfriend sometime.

Anyways enjoy these sha'weeet photos from the trip:


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mi Lyfe

My step-bro took me out to see the movie "Zootopia" yesterday.  I really liked it!  There were some unexpected twists and clever jokes.  It was cute but also entertaining for adults too I'd say.

I got a book on web-design from my mom for my birthday and I plan on reading it on my flight to...
drumroll please... VEGAS!  Matt, Michael, and I are flying out on Monday and I'm excited to have some fun with my bros.  Cuz there's no time like bro time!

I've had some anxiety related to recordings I've done and hoping they turned out right.  I'm very involved and it can be a gift and a curse.  Vegas will be a nice break from that.  Fortunately I have people to reassure me that my tracks sound good.  I think the thing to remember is that I'm still developing as an artist and progress is always being made.

I went bowling with my buddy Tyler and his friend on Tuesday.  I won some games and therefore bragging rights!  After bowling we went to Walmart and they bought water pistols and squirted them at each other and me LOL.

I just posted my improvisation on a classical piece called "Ballade" to my soundcloud.
Give it a listen why don'tcha!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Photo Gallery

Hello friends!  Gave the site an overhaul today and I think it looks pretty good.  I may tweak it more perhaps.  Want it to be easy on the eyes like a hot chick!

Well my 24th Birthday is coming up and I'm going to Vegas this month.  I think vacationing with my housemate, Mike and staff, Matt will be a lot of fun! 

I have made it my goal to get a job in electronics in the next 4 years.  I like what I do now, but it doesn't really let me use my skills in electronics and/or music.  I'm still young and I will make it happen.  I will put my trust in God and my natural abilities to get to there.  I am lucky to have staff that can also assist me.  I have always been blessed with good staff, friends, & family!

There is a mind-meltingly relaxing song near completion that I will be posting to my soundcloud soon.  Continuing to learn FL Studio and loving it!  Very cool.  There's a feature called Beep-Map that I like to use to convert images into sound using wicked-technical cryptography.  The virtual instruments in FL allow for tweaks to change what you hear out of the instrument.  It's pretty cool!

The guys and I have been watching the Netflix series, Fuller House.  It can be quite entertaining.
I had Olive Garden with Jayne yesterday and had the Chicken Marsala.  It was AMAZING! 

Welcome to the Photo Gallery!


Jazz! Play that jazz!

Performing at Celebrate Recovery

Me & my boards

Mains'l Christmas Party
At Olive Garden with Jayne