Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mi Lyfe

My step-bro took me out to see the movie "Zootopia" yesterday.  I really liked it!  There were some unexpected twists and clever jokes.  It was cute but also entertaining for adults too I'd say.

I got a book on web-design from my mom for my birthday and I plan on reading it on my flight to...
drumroll please... VEGAS!  Matt, Michael, and I are flying out on Monday and I'm excited to have some fun with my bros.  Cuz there's no time like bro time!

I've had some anxiety related to recordings I've done and hoping they turned out right.  I'm very involved and it can be a gift and a curse.  Vegas will be a nice break from that.  Fortunately I have people to reassure me that my tracks sound good.  I think the thing to remember is that I'm still developing as an artist and progress is always being made.

I went bowling with my buddy Tyler and his friend on Tuesday.  I won some games and therefore bragging rights!  After bowling we went to Walmart and they bought water pistols and squirted them at each other and me LOL.

I just posted my improvisation on a classical piece called "Ballade" to my soundcloud.
Give it a listen why don'tcha!

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