Sunday, July 24, 2016

Neu Family Reunion

Hi friends!  Today I'm going to be recapping the Neu Family Reunion.  It was amazing & never was there a dull moment!  We stayed at the Lake 5 Resort in the Mountains of Montana.  There was a cool, clean, blue lake we swam in.  We had a raft with a diving board and a raft with a slide.  Dave brought an inflatable "party barge" that we managed to get 15 people on all at once.  My family is seriously awesome!  I got to know people in my family a lot better, like when I kicked around a soccer ball with Wolfgang and his family.

On our second day we hiked Avalanche Creek.  It was a beautiful rain forest.  On my hike I visited with my step-mother, Sally as well as Dianne and Barb.  Barb's husband Tim caught up with us about half way and I enjoyed talking with him about music and such.  Tim had become a very supportive fan after checking out some of my Youtube videos.

Dave brought a game called Klask, which is essentially air hockey with magnets but a little different. It was really fun to play and watch games & everyone had to try it!  I may have to buy a Klask table myself.  We also played a lot of volleyball.  Florian became "Captain Airstrike" with his wicked serve!  Late nights we sometimes played Cards Against Humanity.  God that game is EVIL in the funniest way!

On our third day was the Neu Family Auction where family members bid on each other's items to raise funds for the next reunion.  I got to perform "The Biscuit Song" and I played possibly my best take of that song yet!  I really felt the music flow through me as I heard my family clap along.  It was like, "Woah this is AMAZING!"  My CD's sold like hotcakes!  I raised $35 for the next reunion.  I also paid $20 for a sha'weeet Renaissance Fair mug.  I got'sta drink my morning Mountain Dew from that.

On our forth day some of us went on the high ropes course near our camp.  I'm so glad I decided to go along.  It was really fun.  There was all kinds of ways to climb along, even a makeshift skateboard with a rope attached.  There was a lot of adrenaline going through me, but I just remembered that I was always safe with those harnesses.

So now I'm back home in Minnesota.  I've started a new job and possibly may have a new girlfriend if I play my cards right.  ;)  We'll see how life goes.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Just arrived at Grandma's house

We had ribs and watched game shows in the evening.  I slept in the office last night.  It was very nice. The night before we stayed at a hotel with very poor air conditioning.  It was a much better temperature here.  We've had ribs twice in a row because we had ribs at the restaurant next door to the hotel as well.  Stay awesome, friends!