Sunday, September 25, 2016


Some say that writing in all caps makes it sound angry but I often write some things all caps to express great joy!  So ALL CAPS!  I recently asked out a great girl from where I work.  She said yes and we had fun dancing Saturday!  It was a lot of fun, great people, great music, great food, good times!  I even did some break dancing even though I told myself I wouldn't... (Afraid to hurt my back)  Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind!  I am excited for what the future may hold for me and her.  CARLY is Asperger's just like me so we can be teammates.  We can help one another and share many good times on life's road.  I'm glad our work brought us together!

Before I reconnected with her, I had a two month run an Quiznos, where I worked preparing sandwiches for customers, cleaning, and washing dishes when needed.  I made good friends there and got a boatload of new job experience in customer service.  One of my work buddies came over to hang out and we Played Monti-opoly an offbrand Monopoly game.  And the theme of the game, no surprise here, MONTICELLO!  We also played Super Smash Bros for GameCube and he beat me every game, but I think I was skilled adversary.

But I'm getting ahead of myself in this writing, because how could I forget today I hung out with my buddy Dustin for his Birthday!  We ate Buffalo Wild Wings and later I was invited to his apartment for banana splits.  Me and Mike split his tab and I know that made him happy.  Dustin is a great person he never hesitates to help someone out so it was good that me and Mike could return the favor.  Earlier today I spent the day at my old place hanging out with Neal.  We watched a little bit of the Vikings v Panthers game but mostly we focused on Robot Chicken a show hosted on Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim".  I brought DVD's of the show over and Neal loved it!  It was so nice visiting with the other folks there too!  YOU GUYS ROCK!

Last weekend I went to the Cross Roads Mall in St. Cloud with some friends.  We actually went the day of the stabbing.  I am so thankful my friends and I left before that took place!  One of us actually lost his wallet but I won't name names.  The other guy, Gage is pretty cool!  I thought it was cool how he was almost as much of a nerd as I am!  We all discussed what super hero powers and weaknesses we would want on the drive back home.

Then on Sunday I hung out with my buddy Jon.  I got love from his pets and enjoyed playing Halo games and Soul Calibur 4.  Jon you are one funny mo' fo' I got to say.  He got stuck in a upwards wind tunnel so he threw down grenade after grenade until finally one came up and cleaned his clock!  Before dinner, we watched the movie "American Wedding".  That movie is like "What the Hell!" great adult raunchy humor.  One of American Pie's great sequels!  Dinner that day was chili; Jon's parents also treated me to a delicious array of taffies!

Wind the clock back a little more and we arrive at my buddy, Rick's house.  Again I got love from pets!  My favorite was Iktomy, one of Rick's pet cat's who just loved sitting in my lap and getting petted!  I also got to pet Lilly, a black puppy dog who sat on my lap as Rick and I watched "Blues Brothers".  Lilly was a sweetheart too.  I was able to help Rick out with his new music gear and learning to use it in recording.  This was an honor because Rick is a seasoned musician who just needed a kick start to get into the technical aspects of recording and production.  I got to be that guy!  I got to teach him!  Our buddy in Kansas called and we pretended to be stoned, good times...

Well that about raps it up.  Hope to see the best of you at my Muzak Birthday Bash next year!      

Saturday, September 24, 2016

First Vlog

So not sure if this really counts as a vlog, but I'd like to show off my new Sploder Gaming Series!
It's on YouTube under my regular name "Donald Neu".  The channel with the silly putty beard is the one you should go to first but there's a lot of neat stuff on the channel with the frog too!