Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Update with Donald Neu, no Trumps allowed.

I'm not a political person but I do have my opinions and my personal opinion is that Donald Trump is a jack-ass!  Moving on from that, HI!!! How are you?

So my first date with Carly was very nice, she came over and we played Klask and Uno Dare :) Funny Fact: when she first arrived I sprayed silly string at her!  We had a really good time and I could tell that we hit it off!  I got a few other people with the silly string and she called me an asshole (Joking LOL)

I recently hung out with an old friend, Neal and we played Klask, Zobmondo, & Apples To Apples with our peeps!  For those of you who haven't yet been enlightened Klask is essentially air hockey with magnets and Zobmondo is a game of "would you rather" decisions.  There were plenty of zany moments!  I had a really good time with everyone and we watched X-men Days of Future Past.  While I was there I also showed off my new program "Magix Music Maker"!  I think it's going to help me create some stellar muzak!

I actually worked with my girlfriend today and I can honestly say it helped.  I was feeling tired because I've stayed up late these past few nights, but she helped perk me up.  We are certainly a couple of goobers!  Over this past weekend I watched a lot of The Late Show with my step bro and we also went shopping at Goodwill and Pawn America in St. Cloud.  I got season one of Adventure Time, a very amusing show from Cartoon Network!  Should be awesome to vegetate and watch.  I have a hard time unwinding sometimes because I always seem to want to do something, achieve something.  It may be part of the reason I've turned to marijuana in the past.  I've tried listening to I-dosers and psychedelic audio these seem to really help too.  So I'm planning to meditate and listen to and even create I-dosers.  It's all a part of my growth.  If you would like to hear a couple of my I-dosers here they are: