Sunday, January 22, 2017

Let's All Just Relax A Bit

So that just happened, Trump has been inaugurated.  Ain't shit I can do about it!  Look honestly I didn't vote for either of our "Main Stream" candidates.  I figured Hillary goofed up with the emails plus there was a lot of misinformation going around about her so that struck her out.  Trump is a lousy person, I mean really terrible, and the guy took every loop-hole he could find to not pay taxes while the rest of us who actually work for a living paid our does! (How is that for Trump-speak)  I also feel like he will be bad for minorities and people with disabilities.  So I voted for Gary Johnson. I did the honest research on him and, while I did not agree with all of his opinions, I found that most of it made sense to me.  Also I want to be a part of a trend of having more than just two flipping parties that anyone takes seriously.  I mean come on that's bogus!

Anywho world keeps turning...

I was out to see my mom back around Thanksgiving.  We all had an excellent time and there was no shortage of pie!  I got to show Mom my new Aspergians song and she really liked it!  She taught me lots of cool things about bees and honey!  Visiting with Anne was also nice.  Me and Grandpa had a really cool chat about the stars in the night sky and how we're not so important as we think we are and we're only here for a blink in the cosmic history.  I loved seeing all the animals again, good dogs & cats!  Entertaining all with guitar playing and singing was delightful!  And we saw some really neat art and glass blowing in person.  Me and Al also stopped for cigars toward the end of my stay but 'shhhh' that's top secret.  Or not so secret now that it's on my blog!  Ooops.  It was really good catching up with my uncle Karl too... in spite of all the farting!  I also got to see movies Hacksaw Ridge and Fantastic Beats & Where To Find Them, both excellent.

I've stayed busy lately with many music projects and developing other interests such as video gaming, wordfinds, reading, and building friendships!

Rewinding back to my first theme: Nobody knows what to expect with Trump, we should stay informed, but let's all just relax a bit.