Sunday, June 4, 2017

Cyrilla Beach

I remember Cyrilla Beach,
And my great friends growing up. Though I was living out in the country I wasn't your typical country boy, I was something of a couch potato. While other boys were fishing I would probably be inside playing my Nintendo GameCube, Wario Ware Inc. and Super Mario Sunshine were a couple of my favorite games, but blast it! Josh beat Mario and I never did. But I remember climbing trees and going out with my dad in the canoe (where I actually DID fish) Once we capsized! I remember helping shingle the roof of our cozy house. I had a second hand computer running Windows 95 StarGunner and Jazz The Jackrabbit were a couple of my favorite computer games!  Lego Island was also THE SHIT!  I had an off-brand moped that went where most mopeds have never been before; Oh those were the days! One day I hit a jump accidentally and got insane air, though I didn't pull off the landing. I remember following the neighbor boys off road and having to push that sombitch up the hills! I remember another wipe out not knowing better than go against traffic and dodging Matt John Doomer! My bad! What I wouldn't give to turn back the clock! I remember looking out the window on our recliner and just taking in the sun. I had the coolest RC cars- my favorite the Tyco Psycho!  It could do these crazy flips and it sure was a speed demon!  I remember making a mountain out of a molehill at the Plantenburg's about "please" when they didn't say it, my Asperger's probably to blame but I now know there was nothing rude about it.  This was just different customs at their house. Oh! Wait! And when I kicked off my sandal and it busted their lightbulb in the kitchen!  Such nice neighbors the Plantenburg's were, they never held it against me! I loved running into them again at Eden Valley Midsummer Bash! Such great people! Josh Plantenburg my best friend! Remember Tyrian, what a game!  Remember Kinex and our cars, our demolition derbies! I look back and know I have to let certain memories go but I save the best!