Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Creative Process of Song Writing

When this blog was still brand new I made a few posts about the creative process of song writing.  It was good food for thought.  Now, I figure, would be a good time to elaborate with the knowledge I've gained since then.  A musical career is all about growth and how you evolve as a songwriter and musician.  When I started recording, I recorded everything through the built in mic on my laptop. Because of it's location and since this wasn't a high-grade mic, sound quality was distorted and somewhat grainy.  I would improvise 80% of my songs, usually starting with some loose ideas for melodies and lyrics.  Songs from the first five years of my career have a certain patina as if they were vinyls recorded long in the past.  This was good for giving me experience working with damaged audio and creating ambiance, but also bad because I was loosing sound quality.  As time passed I continued to experiment with my sound.  I also invested in a CAD condenser mic, pop filter, and a Scarlett 2i4 recording interface.  Now I was getting far better recording quality, and I was maturing as an artist.  My songs were more thought out, more structured.  I would sit down to write lyrics, musical notes, or a guitar tab.  I also devoted myself more to the production.  I got rid of clicks, pops, and background noise in my recordings.  I learned it's best to export audio as a 32 bit float WAV file.
More recently I have been working with FL Studio and learnt about intros, risers, drops, and outros and many of the rhythms and music theory involved.  When I work on EDM I do it all for me and what I think would be interesting.  I try to do something that breaks new ground while at the same time paying tribute to the EDM artists I admire.  On youtube I've learned a lot from FrankJavCee & Busy Works Beats.  I will close with something I've said before:  When you make a song, make it for you!  There are bound to be like-minded people who like the same things.  This is the most rewarding way to be an artist.