Friday, November 17, 2017

TPM- And soon will come 2018 (a life in progress)

Hello my friends!  Holy cats, 2018 is almost upon us!  What great wonders await?  What challenges?

For those of you 'meeting' me for the first time, I am Donald J. Neu- creator of magical delights!
Master of chaos!  The elves know me as- oh wait that's me ripping off Hello From The Magic Tavern; I'm obsessed with that podcast!  Anywho I just returned from a wonderful vacation in New Mexico.
I visited my mother, step-dad, auntie Gina, uncle Karl, my Gramps, nieces, cats, dogs, unseen bears, a wolverine named Bob... where was I?

We enjoyed a couple days at Ghost Ranch taking in the rocky, mountainous landscape and exploring it.  During my stay I learned how to open a beer bottle with a door latch.  Yes, now I wager I am a force to be reckoned with!

'Hal' & Jim

---We also hiked down the Rio Grande!  It was amazing... and steep---

I also learned from my step-dad to never join a road committee!

Perhaps I am still tired from my trip I was gone 9 days and really missed my mattress!

I got good opportunities to show mom my new music and website stuff & catch up with everyone.  I even helped out around the house; I think all things said I was a pleasant guest to have!
We enjoyed good food and beers from a number of breweries.  Don't panic it's a low number!

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