Sunday, December 17, 2017

Destiny Is Not What You Think

My theme for today's post is- 'Destiny Is Not What You Think' because life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.  But really it is!  You know, when I was 18 I had it all mapped out; I was going to get my degree in music and be a world renowned musician.  I had a scholarship and went to college at U of M, Morris.  But, Destiny Is Not What You Think- I had trouble sleeping in the summer heat, I got disoriented easily, I didn't have the desire or presence of mind to do my homework, basically I became overwhelmed with the situation.  After only a month I dropped out and moved in with my Dad and Stepmom in St. Cloud.

My education did continue in the form of guitar lessons and learning job-skills at Goodwill.  And I never gave up my dream!  I made new friends with Asperger's like me and we formed the band "Syndrome"!  We performed an open mic at The Local Blend.  It went over great!  I played the melodica for the song Incense & Peppermints as well as bass for the song Wonderwall.

Fast forward.  If I hadn't dropped out of college I probably wouldn't have met a lot of great people in my life today.  My best friends Tyler, John, and Kyle- The 3 Amigos!  Or my buddies Mike and Cole- Dos Bros!  Everyone at Asperger's Group in St. Cloud!  Everyone who is or was one of my staff, supporting me with either challenges I face, or just encouraging me to keep working on my music and other interests.

Last year I hosted my best concert yet, Don J Neu's Birthday Muzak Bash!  The turnout was amazing, the adrenaline of performing was like a drug, the pizza was delicious, and my friends got to enjoy playing ping pong while I played!  I'm sure as shit going to host the party again, so March 2018 expect Dni's Birthday Muzak Bash 2.0!

Another great opportunity I had was being a part Olmstead Academy with Dustin and Ashlie.  Now that I've graduated I'm co-hosting DETS with Bev Kaler and Dustin. DETS stands for Disability Equality Training Series.  This is the new path I'm on.  The path of self advocacy.  I'm totally stoked, and I really feel like I'm doing God's work he planned for me.

Please enjoy this live DJ set I created during my hotel stay of our Olmstead Graduation↓


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