Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas! & Best Fishes!

Hello all, I am enjoying my time out at Dad and Sally's!  We enjoyed watching the Vikings Vs. Packers game yesterday.  It was a shutout with Vikings winning it, and Sally was not amused!  This evening we are unwrapping presents and watching the movies Despicable Me 3 and The Other Guys!  Excellent!

With the year coming to a close, I think I'm happy with the events of my life.  Things haven't been all unicorns n' rainbows but It's A Wonderful Life!  It was an honor graduating Olmstead and performing our skits at the Court House in St. Paul.  Our skit was about our Tour of Homes to show people with disabilities how they could live on their own but still receive support.  In my team's skit, Ashlie and Dustin placed bricks with the benefits of increased independence written on them reading them aloud.  Then I boomed out, "I'm the guardian and I say no!"  This illustrated a major barrier for many people with disabilities- often we want more, but the guardian gets afraid that we can't handle it and puts the kibosh on it!  What is important to remember is "The Dignity of Risk."  We deserve the opportunity to get the most independence and integration we can with the community.  With the right supports in place that should be realistic.  I know that guardians are only doing what they think is right too; it's a tender issue.  I know they must get scared, but I believe people deserve a chance.

Here in the present moment Sally is passed out with the Book Magicians on her lap and dad is snoring through a history show.  Andre is also in slumber next to Sally and no doubt Bella will try to sneak away with whatever morsel of food she can as ma and pa are unawares!  Again I would like to wish you a berry merry Christmas and best fishes for your new year!

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