Saturday, February 24, 2018

Music Tips from The Primal Musician

Music tip #1 Keep all your samples in the same folder.

Music tip #2 Learn about major, minor, pentatonic, and exotic scales. Also learn about extended chords.

Music tip #3 Use a good mic and have an understanding of how to use noise removal.

Music tip #4 Make the music YOU love and don't concern yourself too much with fame and fortune. Only a select few of musicians make it big. The rest of us have to do it for the love of the craft and sharing that craft with the world. Make the most of the internet age!

 Music tip #5 Work on your music and lyrics even if your not feeling that inspired, you might be surprised what you get out of it once you're warmed up!

 Music tip #6 Learn from the classical masters.

Music tip #7 Sketch your ideas or give them catchy names to easily recall your work.

Music tip #8 Not everything has to be perfect

Music top #9 Although smartphones and tablets can do a lot creating music with even more possibilities on the horizon, computers will always be able to do more. A good computer is a solid music investment.

Music tip #10 Collaborate with other artists. Everyone has a unique approach and a unique skill set. Working with other musicians can only sweeten the deal!