Monday, June 11, 2018

Phrosty Muzak CD release and On Vacation with Mom

I am presently on vacation in New Mexico visiting my mom and step dad.  I have been enjoying hiking and watching movies with them.  Yesterday we had dinner at mom's landlord's house, they were a charming couple. 

I am very excited!  I am going to be ordering commercial quality CD's of the music I've done over the past few years.  I'm calling the album "Phrosty Muzak"  Each track on the album will get a "touch-up" to enhance the sound.  When I get my CD's in I will be sure to rip one into my own computer to get the enhanced songs in my library!  I plan to upload these songs to my online outposts as streaming only until I get better set up for paid downloads.  I have carefully considered which songs will be on this CD and also their order as order is important to shift the listener's moods.  Styles on my CD are varied from EDM & Dubstep to Hard Rock to Rap to Folk to Classical!

Today we are having lunch with my friend Kenneth at Three River's Brewery.  Enjoying my break from adulting!