Sunday, August 26, 2018


It was wicked hard limiting my album release to what can be held on a single CD!
What to keep?  What to scrap?  And then there were the songs that were soooo close but not quite done yet.  So I decided to release Phrosty Muzak a second time with some rad extra songs.  Physical copies will remain for sale for $12, but if you prefer to stream or download your music, and if you wanna hear those excellent extra tracks check this!

free download at

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Getting a CD release and What it Taught Me

Above I am pictured with my CD release, Phrosty Muzak!

Where to begin?  Where to begin indeed?  It seems so much has happened since I've last checked in with you fine fellows!  Here is today's subject.  I've just got my CD's Friday and getting them made and delivered was a breeze, right?  Wrong!  If you, as well, wish to release an album on 'good ole' CD's here is what you should know:  For starters everything has to be in the right format.  When I first started, I uploaded my songs to Oasis CD as mixed formats.  Some were 32-bit-float WAV and some polar opposite … mp3  Well here's the thing 32-bit-float is too high a resolution for CD, the proper format is 24-bit-float.  Here's the thing again, mp3 is too low a resolution.  Rookie mistakes.  I resubmitted the tracks in the proper format but there was a problem.  All my old incorrect uploads were still in there and when I tried to delete the old files I got an error message every time!  My mom logged in from NM to help me find a way to wipe the slate so I could upload them again.  Then I needed to change my track list because I had added a few new songs and nixed others.  But I couldn't re-access the cover art / track list editor on the Oasis website.  I called in and they unlocked the access again.  I couldn't understand why they couldn't just leave the access point open.  So I got everything fixed.  And finally I could breath easy, awe...  Oasis uses UPS My Choice to give customers scheduled deliveries at the most convenient time, great philosophy.  Problem- when I created the My Choice account it put a freeze on the order; I didn't know and UPS ended up holding the package for 5 days at their store and then shipping it back to New Jersey even after I had called the UPS customer support to schedule the delivery.  UPS was super automated too.  Lovely.  I called Oasis and they said they would ship it to me again free of charge.  At this point, let me just say, Oasis had great customer support.  They were very helpful and patient.  You could tell speaking with them they cared about the customer.  The process of getting my CD's made taught me a lot of problem solving and communication skills.  And I have got it, my album!  Professionally remastered!  Professionally manufactured!  And with some hot, exclusive songs!  I will likely use Oasis CD again in the future.