Saturday, December 22, 2018

Wily Wonka isn't a Shy Guy

It's the holiday season and old memories from the past stir up for us all.
The shuffle and anxiety of life can get the better of us.
What we celebrate in any faith is faith itself.
I can't comfortably share all the goings on in my head, just that I tend to overthink things.
I get hung up on stupid shit that don't factor into the bigger picture.
In my struggle I find hope in Christ.  I was raised Christian but wasn't always open to Jesus.
Or at least I had doubts.  I still don't know, and that is why it is called faith!
Faith might be the hardest thing for anyone to completely have.
But it is noble and it can bring out the best in us.
I struggle with Seasonal Affect Disorder the shorter days and the cold take their toll on me.
I've got a new happy light that has been helping me.
I am also in my hometown, Paynesville and I am blessed with the blessed animals!
We've got cats at home and I got to pet the pet at Monica's bookstore, Ben Around Books!
It was part Doberman, I heard from Monica that Doberman's are actually very sensitive dogs.
And he remembered me!  What a hound!  I don't have animals always but when I am out to visit
friends and family I get to enjoy the company of animals.
My mother has cats and they are her other babies, My stepdad has dogs and they are his other babies!
My dad and Sally have two cats and they are their other babies.
And I may get a chance to volunteer at an animal shelter.  That would be cool as we aren't allowed any pets at my apartment.  I am also hoping for a girlfriend,
Maybe if I join a dance class or sign up for online dating I might just snag one!
For now, what can I say, I had a chance encounter at the bar.  I didn't "get lucky"
She was spoken for, but I pulled all the stops from "ballroom / square dance" I was taught in school.
Hugh, that education paid off, do they even still teach that in school?
Hope they do, it was jolly good fun!
In school I was taught computer literacy, I got below average grades as I dawdled and took too much time on individual things.  Fast forward to 2018 and I've got two websites, record and produce music on a laptop, make computer games online, and do most of my own song artwork on my music and albums.  I didn't learn to type from class, I learned from writing my own short stories.
So what works for you? Schooling or Fooling? I fool about with my interests and by God I'm 10 cents short of genius.  And what?  Am I arrogant or something?
But of course!  YES!
Sometimes we need to be arrogant, a little egotism goes a long ways!
I am happy to be on a paid SoundCloud account where I can share endless music with my loyal fans!
Look me up there, Leroy!  I go by the alias The Primal Musician on SoundCloud
But where was I?  Yes bacon.  Bacon and eggs!  I am quite the excellent, eggscelent breakfas chef,
although some would beg to differ, who?  Matt, he calls my eggs bad because he is of the opinion that I put too much herbs and spices on them and you can't taste the eggs amidst all the extra extras!
Wha?  Say Monica's friend bought my album for her teenage son who is also on the autism spectrum and enjoys electronica music!  Woah, how life is a mirror!  I had sold one or three at Options too, and one other woman of the women had an Aspergian child!  Life is a mirror!
We need seriously need to make bumper stickers!  Copyright: The Primal Musician, all rights reserved, patent pending!
I feel a pinch like Wily Wonka with all these snarky witticisms!
I am writing and recording more original music and happy for upcoming works with my friends!
I am also working with to create more video games!
Yes, sploder, where anyone can make a video game!
Maybe not anyone, but it is a very forgiving learning curve.
I would say any kid or young adult could easily figure it out.
If your over 30 NO WAY! Haha, nah you could do it.
My age is catching up with me,
I am good with so much with computers and technology yet it confuses and frustrates me too.
Like "smart" TV's
I don't like my TV any smarter than me.
I am lucky I have a 2000's era HD television that roomie, Tyler...
Well his sister donated that TV to the cause!
Charity was kind and the kindness was taken kindly
I enjoy playing N.E.S. original 80's era Nintendo games on it!
I also enjoy playing my Nintendo Wii!
The dojo of Don is well on it's way,
It is smaller so I am trying to learn and get learnt at the organs of organization.
Organization, that's a funny word.  Who the heck decided to spell it?
I mean the Z makes sense but don't many words also use an S in place.
Donald, Donald, Donald... you are wondering
Donald, Don, Donny its all the same really
Call me anything but a dirty trick, call me anything but slander
Folks, thank you, gracias, merci!
The gift of gab has taken us through to the end,
I am enjoying life, there have "been bumps in the road" not to mention "pot holes"
But I am movin' and shakin' and feelin' good
Ha! okay reigning it in...
I hope to visit mom once again in Easter, and for now I am enoying the Christmas Holidays at the Neu residence!