Wednesday, March 27, 2019

About a Girl

I have been dating a girl named Gabby for almost a month.  She is very pretty and a sweat heart but still has sarcastic humor.  I feel good that she liked me right off the bat!  I liked her right off the bat!
I got to cuddle with her and we've kissed.  I got feedback on the kissing and how to do that better.
We have gone dancing and bowling.  It's all new and exciting!  This weekend we go out for Mexican food!  I enjoy being around her and even learn to laugh at myself.

I celebrated my 27th birthday recently.  I had my friends out and I played 4 or 5 songs on my guitar, then we played football in the yard!  We also played Halo 3 jamming to John's punk rock music.  Pizza and cake were our food on that delightful day along with loads of soda pop!

I am working on a new song called "Sweet Pea" and a cover of "Mega Mega Upload"