Thursday, June 27, 2019


I am going to be moving soon.  It is a hopeful path, the new house will allow me a cat!  I am also going to be in a bigger town with more opportunities and much more happening.  I am excited about the location, I think.  We'll see how it feels when I get there. 

I am making lifestyle changes.  I quit smoking and I'm eating healthier and smaller portions.  I am also going out for brisk walks.  It feels good that I am turning over a new leaf.

Work is underway for an exciting new song called Neurosis, sort of a follow up to Trapped In A Pill.  It is personal to me and I'm taking the time to get it just right.  I'm also working on several others.  One of the others is a revamp of Modern Day Caveman.  I was just reflecting this morning that in addition to the lyrics that I've typed I'm also going make notes on the delivery style.  A vocalist is also an actor of sorts and you want to play the part well!

A friend made me take a look at my distant past yesterday.  He made me realize how far I have come and also reminded me not to let history repeat itself.  Around 2011, I used to be sort of an unfocused burn-out and now I'm a sharp super-achiever.  I'm not perfect, but I sure have grown.