Sunday, July 7, 2019

Fun, Friends & Fireworks!

I have been doing great with my move!  I even wrote a song about the new place and the cool people around here!  And I am still making good lifestyle choices, with a nice long walk yesterday.

On the 4th of July I really enjoyed myself.  I hung out with my buddy John and I learned a new skill: how to light fireworks with a blowtorch!  As you can see below the neighbor's dog was quite obsessed with fountains.

It's a ways off, but I'm already planning another birthday party/concert, possibly at the bowling alley.
I am also eager to release my second album, ModdRN Klassix!
Another wish is buy unique new instruments from Etsy.
Three things which require money, something I'm rather low on, so it's back to work I go!

Another recent development is that I put some music on Audiomack, check me out here:

Thanks for reading, sincerely- 
your favorite nobody,
Phrosty D (The Primal Musician)