Tuesday, August 13, 2019


First off, why don't a share this ballin' playlist I made on SoundCloud-

I've been quite well.  One thing has dawned on me- how much more open with people I am.  It is this openness along with my own better understanding myself and keeping a journal that has helped me greatly.  Things that might have put me in an Asperger's Shutdown years ago don't today.  There is no shame in having a disability and needing some supports in place.  There is no shame in going to therapy.  There is no shame in having a psychiatrist.  In addition to being Asperger I am also bipolar.  Maybe these fuel my creativity.  At least that is putting a positive spin on it.  My mind can go to weird uncomfortable places.  I don't claim to have a magic elixir, but those are things which help me. 

Here is a song I wrote about feeling neurotic and stuck in obsessions-

I'll simply let the music and lyrics speak for themselves.

I'm excited to be starting guitar lessons again today!
It feels good that I continue to invest in my talent.

Two goals of 2020 are to host 4th annual Birthday Bonanza & release ModdRN KlassiX album!