Thursday, September 12, 2019


X-Kray was my first legit FL studio EDM (electronic dance music) song.  I composed and sequenced it back in 2015.  It is very original but doesn't really have many effects.  It has a way of jumping smoothly yet spontaneously to a completely different melody.  Sometimes I use a sound that seems to jump out at you in the transition.  Like a fractal, there's this sense of chaos and repetition.  These are stylings I would continue to develop.  In my EDM songs to follow I'd delve more into effects and sound design, also working with samples.  I continue to experiment in FL studio and other programs.  I don't really have a specific formula.  There's a lot of experimentation and trial and error.  Many things I still don't know how to do.  I never stop learning.  Lately to speed things up I have been sequencing a bunch of beats and melodies and fit them into place later.  I don't even worry about key signature until after.  Doing what I feel in the moment and not over thinking it is my new style!  There's still things I do very purposefully, but mostly I'm winging it.  In that spirit, I am titling my upcoming EDM work- Indeterminate Aspirations!  So now for the song that started it all, X-Kray!


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