Sunday, October 13, 2019

So why the heck put out a CD?!

Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and other streaming services have basically eviscerated physical music media and radio.  So why put out a CD?  Quite a question to grapple with when you scope it out.  Well, there are a lot of adults of varying age that still remember the hay-day of CD's and feel nostalgia for them.  CD's are the vinyl of the digital age; actually they work much the same.  A beam of light reads microscopic grooves burned into the disc.  The only difference with records is a needle physically touches and picks up sound from the groove.  Both are known for excellent sound quality if properly cared for.  As a do-it-yourself bedroom producer I feel like CD's are a big deal.  This is because when someone pops your CD into their car stereo, boom box, game console, etc. they are listening to specifically that.  A CD has less distractions than a smartphone and no adds.  I feel like people won't just loose interest in my music right away and listen to someone else.  Another plus to putting a CD out with a replicator is you can pay a little extra for "in-house mastering".  This is where the replicator hires an audio engineer to sweeten up the mix of every song featured on your CD.  Sure, you can buy just remastering for songs online, but why not get two birds stoned and get an order of CD's at the same time?

ModdRN KlazziX coming soon to Compact Disc!