Friday, December 27, 2019

What's Wrong With Being Confident?

Huzzah! Here I come to save the day- Fly Walka; supercharger of ultrayouth, erotic neurotic, the bling'd piano king, redneck jedi annnd modest narcissist:
}}{{Phrosty D 'the primal musician'}}{{

Christmaaaaas! ♫♫♫
I just got back from vacationing in Iowa with my folks and stepmother's family, they are awesome,
Soooo cool to expand my family.  Some luxuries were a super HQ home movie theater, delicious dinners, cards against humanity, and a wine tasting at a distillery.  I got to entertain everyone with my piano playin' boogie-woogie grooves and neoclassical improv!  Steff and her family are totes rad!

Near the end of this break I started fearing the unkown in some sense.  I have to be responsible again.  I have a lot to figure out in my living-evolution going forward.  It's Friday, I'm home, and suddenly that feeling is gone!  Just like Demi says: "What's wrong with being confident?"  I can handle anything life dishes out because I'm Donny freakin' Neu!!  I've come out on top time and again.  All my hard work and soulshine is paying off.  I'm healthier; have a great job; I'm taking guitar lessons; I'm gaining independence; annnd I still get to cut loose from time to time!

Eventually I will have new roomies too!

So yeah,
"What's wrong with being confident?"           

Thursday, December 12, 2019


Especially aside from delusions of grandeur an individual may dream...
Here are a few of my life goals...

Become a freelance music or webdesign teacher!
Get a cat!
Become more independent!
Eventually get my music on Spotify!
Put my music on Vimeo!
Continue loosing weight!
Read more!
Stay healthy- mind, body, and spirit!
Aspire for advancing excellence and confidence at my work, Lupulin Brewery!
Visit China!
Self publish a book!