Thursday, November 12, 2020

the King of My life Now

I am the king of my life now.  I basically don't call all the shots, but damn near close.  By my own admission I still do not always make perfect choices, but I really got my poop in a group! (got my shit together)

I keep an upbeat, proactive, and thoughtful mindset both at home, at work, and in the community in general.  Speaking up for myself more helps me be heard and others take stock of my observations and ideas.

We're all in this together no matter where you stand or what you believe and human kindness immortalizes one's being.  How I treat those I am blessed to know is more of a legacy than my music can ever be.  This is a very important thing to remember.

I don't always know what to expect of life in these times.  Nothing can be taken for granted.  Health and happiness actually take work to maintain.  I mustn't forget to take a rest once and a while and not run myself ragged.

Never Fear, Neu and Improved Donny The Neoclassic is Here!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Phrosty D - MODDRN KLAZZIX (ballads of a modest narcissist)

Read that title, mate?

That there is the title of my eagerly awaited album with all my biggest hits!

The 150 disks with the album print came today.

I paid Oasis CD team to fully remaster 5 songs so far with perhaps 2 or 3 more ahead when I can afford it.

On all other songs I have been doing my own post-production.

Printer on this day has also arrived.  I can print my own tracklist, artwork inserts, and possibly front cover.

Although I was debating, instead, hand markering a graffiti design for the cover.

A product bar code with the caption "priceless" can be stamped on the release with a stamp I bought off Etsy.

I also purchased 5 double disk wood CD boxes, these were more pricey so probably for deluxe edition.

It looks like cardstock disk sleeves are more economical, so that may be the standard packaging.

Explicit Content stickers will be stuck on "dirty" versions of the album.

I just can't wait to get my product off the shelves and into your luscious ears and radium hearts!


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Eyes On The Prize

I must finish packing.  I move Monday, August 3rd!  This is what I have been working so hard for.  This move-out is the single biggest step forward I'm approaching for my life.  There will be other steps, but this is big, I will be independent and realize my full potential!  I understand the importance of self-accountability.  I was very proactive early on about packing so I don't think I have to stress.  I can handle the move and I know Mains'l Services won't leave me high & dry.  I keep on my A-game with my eyes on the prize!  

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

MP3 Players and More, a Mixed Media review

I get a lot of my music from Google Play, but I will shift to downloading via Bandcamp.  This is because Google Play Music may all become retooled into the YouTube Music app.  I don't know if Google will host individual tracks or album downloads with their service anymore.  Perhaps the service for online downloads to computer will stay functional. & It looks like the music section of the mobile phone google play store has already been axed... People might not talk as much about downloads these days, but Bandcamp is really cool.  I've already downloaded loads of cool music.  Bandcamp treats their artists very well!  Also there's still Apple Music/iTunes and stuff like Beatport.  Sites like SoundCloud, Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, DatPiff, and ReverbNation have a lot of free downloads.  Bandcamp occasionally has freebies too!  People don't really download as much in this era of streaming.  But, like me, you may still really like getting music this way. Bandcamp app on mobile allows for unlimited streaming of your collection as well as letting you demo listening to other music.  Just got it myself, but seems nice!  I will be talking about other music streaming apps later.

Modern MP3 plays offer pretty good music quality especially if you use a higher bitrate.  I tried some of these song encoding formats on my MP3 players to see what I liked best.  WMA Pro works on Zune and Windows phone and sounds great.  But um, like, it only works on those 2 things besides in your computer.  And um, like, they are both discontinued.  Most MP3 players still do not support WMA Pro.  Still it is a cool format for a high definition balanced sound but you'll want to be ripping the music off a very good condition CD and a fast computer.  I have the Zune so I got to use it and really liked it.  However I was frustrated when I tried it on Sony Walkman NWE394 and SandDisk Sportclip and it worked on neither.  Guess I learned the hard way Grrr.  Regular WMA has been around longer and therefor works on nearly all "modern" MP3 players.  These files also take up less space and sound better than MP3.  MP3's still sound pretty good at medium or high bitrate though, and if you are ripping off CD you can set this up properly in the settings.

There are several MP3 players under the walkman name.  The version I have, the NWE394 with 16GB is inexpensive but pretty good.  The sound is really good, nice punchy bass on my over-ear skullcandies, but there's not a lot of equalizers.  However you can create your own custom EQ which is a very nice feature!  My favorite built in EQ is probably the "unique" EQ.  It is fast and easy to navigate my music library.  The power button is kind of touchy though, just bump it and it's turned on.  Also the manual was all in pictograms.  This is the budget version, for only around $75.  And if you can afford it I would recommend the higher end, high priced walkmans because you get what you pay for.  This MP3 player has never froze on me and it can be filled to the brim with your favorite tunes.  When it's all said and done this is pretty good MP3 player and I give it a 8 out of 10.

I also just got the SanDisk Sport Clip 16GB.  This MP3 player also sound pretty good, but it is slower navigating my music library.  It has more built in equalizers than my walkman.  I probably like the "funk" EQ the best.  On my skullcandy over-ear headpones the bass seems a little wimpy though, probably because this is a small clip-on device, like a generic iPod shuffle.  You might get around this with the "hiphop" EQ.  On a pair of earbuds the sound is excellent!  The power is less touchy on this one you press and hold the middle select button for 3 or 4 seconds.  And it gets an A+ for price, mine, the non-bluetooth version was just $40.  Just don't fill this MP3 player all the way up.  It needs a little sliver of empty memory to run.  The SanDisk froze on me once, but this hasn't been a problem.  I just let the battery run itself down and I was fine.  I might even buy the bluetooth version just for kicks.  I give this MP3 player a 8 out of 10.

UPDATE! I also, also, also got SanDisk 16GB Sport Clip Plus with bluetooth capability.  The good news is that this MP3 player looks and feels better than the regular Sport Clip.  It also has flaps over the USP port and headphone jack which I assume makes it more water resistant.  As it is larger than the regular model it also kicks out a louder fuller mix.  Great bass on my wired skullcandies!  However, I don't like the bright-colored backdrop because it makes it harder to read which song I am playing.  Funny that the regular cheaper one had a dark backdrop I liked better.  Controls are pretty intuitive on both SanDisk devices.  Not all folders keep things alphabetized on either SanDisk which is kind of annoying.  Still, I really like this new MP3 player and for just $60 it's a great value!  I rate this MP3 player an 8 out of 10.   

The Microsoft Zune is discontinued.  The software to sync Zune from computer is discontinued.  They are very nice, but Microsoft killed it off entirely.  It pisses me off that they left the Zune fanbase high and dry.  I understand no longer manufacturing the physical device.  But how about still hosting the Zune software.  But nope.  Microsoft murked it just like they canned the good version of Movie Maker.  Apple did a much better job catering to the iPod fanbase.  In the past I have seen firmware problems when I tried to get music on "new" Zune for a friend.  We never solved that.  That said, I have a Zune HD and it is a priceless time capsule for me!  The display is excellent and I love having biographies and pictures of many of these musicians built right in.  And of course the sound is excellent!  But don't buy one unless you already have the Zune Software or you know somewhere online that securely offers the software for download.  I give it a 9 out of 10 for original quality but a 1 out of 10 for technical support.

There is an app for Smartphone called ZPlayer that recreates the feeling of Microsoft Zune very faithfully, mmhmm I really dig it!  I like having all the bios, podcasts, layout, and more precise control of my volume.  Other music apps keep me feeling like my volume is either to high or two low.  ZPlayer helps me get to that sweet-spot!  EQ's are good too, try bass boost and virtualizer!  I give it a 10 out of 10.

Want to turn your phone into a its own MP3 player?  Try Audiomack!  8 out of 10.  You can download as many songs as you'd like free, then just listen to them on airplane mode and you got no adds! #LifeHack

I have been streaming music with Deezer and I really like its variety, and direct nature!  Add aren't bad.  A sleek, no-nonsense music streaming app.  9 out of 10. 

On my PC I gave the app "Music Bee" a spin.  It has a great display and high quality equalizer, and you can burn and rip CD's using the program.  I am unsure if it allows you to sync music with an MP3 player or Smartphone.  It seems very easy to use, but when I burned a CD of my own recordings, one of the tracks became a white noise glitch.  Maybe this was just a formatting issue.  I give this program a rating of 9 out of 10.

Xbox 360 is getting to be retro now, but there's a good handful of you that still rock this console just like me!  Try "8Tracks"! (rating: 8 out of 10)  Download this app free and enjoy streaming all types of fun jams!  Go ahead, crack a beer, you've earned it ;) 


Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Source Code

I've been taking a breather, playing Webfoot Games, Star Gunner and Nux on my laptop + using windows media player with songs on shuffle as a soundtrack to the gaming.  I ran an HDMI cable from laptop to TV and hooked up a PC joystick.  Best way to do!  A day earlier I had a rad guitar lesson with Joe and he taught me some 'dirty' scales!  Mixolydian- creates Jerry Garcia quality.  Harmonic Minor- creates gypsy metal vibe.  Video Chat and rocking out sure eases the boredom and isolation. :)   

I thought it was rad that Hot Hot Heat got a cameo in Saint's Row 2 video game with their song, 'Let Me In'
When I heard that song come on my heart got a riser and then a drop.  It was amazing to hear a song that made
such a huge impact on my teenage years.  Yet it was bittersweet, "Why can't I do stuff like this?  Why aren't I this good?"
With some reflection I got back my pride in my work.  Everybody likes something different and some folks
might even hear my music and think it is better than that commercial song!  

I am exploring hook songwriting.  A catchy hook is a good way to capture that Hot Hot Heat style and make people want to sing along.

I will also continue making heavy hitting electronica works, in the mixed technique I call Fusion Techno.

<DIR>Full Sets including COVERS, Informal 'down-to-earth' JAM SESH clips with anyone kool to it, Poetic Cinema Rap, working in my Underground Supergroups...
My devotion to these objectives designs my destiny as Phrosty D, player 1!!!<TRIG@42=DISPLAY~DREAM>

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Bedbugs and Boredom

So it is well into social distancing season due to the corona virus.  I look at my extra time off work as an opportunity for more self examination.  It's also a bit of a holiday in my head.  But eventually it just feels like I have done all the hobbies and projects I can think of.  And I am left with bedbugs and boredom.  I know this is a small price to pay for the general health and safety of the greater good, but this old dog is out of new tricks.  My music goals are to create a fractal gallery video set to my song "Mandelbrot" + build my custom drum set + create catchy new original music + work on my live covers.  I have been watching psychedelic videos on YouTube and listening to visionary music to escape from bedbugs and boredom.  Xbox Kinect games, brisk walks, yoga, sit-ups, lifting weights are a means to stay fit although I'm a man yes I am I.E. laziness can fatten the cat.  As I am looking to develop more as a percussionist and some of you might just be like minded lemme just toss this in the mix: 5 tips for the self taught drummer-


Saturday, March 14, 2020

Life is Good

Soundtrack for today's post is GRATEFUL by AHEE💪 

My good friend Rick "crazy dog" Brix took me out to play at the 200th open mic night at 3rd Rail bar and grill a few weeks ago.  And March 12th he took me along on his gig at Nordic brewery in Monticello.  I got to perform 4 songs during his break.  I sounded freaking great!  I performed Green Rocky Road, Girl (by Beck), The Biscuit Song, and Nature (culinary delights)! 😼

I move out soon to bigger and better things with more independence and freedom.
I understand the importance of staying smart and keeping my act together.
And I won't be passive in attaining my goals.

Life is Good for Phrosty D! 

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence can mean many things like the golden rule of treating others as you would wish to be treated and taking the time to respect and love yourself so that can come more easily.  Positive affirmations (I keep mine posted right on my wall) and keeping a journal can help a lot.  Also, when a disturbing thought comes along rather than dwell on it acknowledge it and the way it makes you feel, do not judge your reaction as right or wrong, and eventually move on.  Or alternately you can store it in your own mental container for later examination and now focus on the life at hand.  Speaking as a person who sometimes struggles with obsessions and the accompanying hurts, habits, and hangups I know how much of a challenge this can be.  You'll get through it!

Emotional Intelligence can mean mixing it up like playing old-school computer games and listening to disco all morning, or making a few rad new necklaces, reading poetry or a new fantasy novel.  Those are all real world examples from my life in these past few months.  Mixing it up can be anything and it blesses the brain boisterously!

Emotional Intelligence can mean advocating for yourself and speaking up about stuff that bugs you.  It takes courage to advocate if you are afraid how people might react, but it makes a world of difference.  Then you can be heard and understood and a weight is lifted off your chest.

Emotional Intelligence can mean determination and persistence.  I have practiced, performed, and produced music since I was in middle school.  Now, leaning towards age twenty eight I work even harder to take my music to new heights.  I could have given up the dream years ago, but I kept working and I'll never stop.  When I am an old man I still will want to wow people and be on the cutting edge of innovation.  I want to stay relevant to the now!  Even making necklaces is something I have applied determination and persistence to.  I started that in middle school too!  I've been off and on with that hobby.  But, like music, I got good!  So good I've sold quite a few necklaces and CD's.

My life is an American success story and I owe much of that to developing my Emotional Intelligence!

P.S. here is a new song, which classifies as artistic expression, a primal top notch example of Emotional Intelligence-