Sunday, April 12, 2020

Bedbugs and Boredom

So it is well into social distancing season due to the corona virus.  I look at my extra time off work as an opportunity for more self examination.  It's also a bit of a holiday in my head.  But eventually it just feels like I have done all the hobbies and projects I can think of.  And I am left with bedbugs and boredom.  I know this is a small price to pay for the general health and safety of the greater good, but this old dog is out of new tricks.  My music goals are to create a fractal gallery video set to my song "Mandelbrot" + build my custom drum set + create catchy new original music + work on my live covers.  I have been watching psychedelic videos on YouTube and listening to visionary music to escape from bedbugs and boredom.  Xbox Kinect games, brisk walks, yoga, sit-ups, lifting weights are a means to stay fit although I'm a man yes I am I.E. laziness can fatten the cat.  As I am looking to develop more as a percussionist and some of you might just be like minded lemme just toss this in the mix: 5 tips for the self taught drummer-