Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Source Code

I've been taking a breather, playing Webfoot Games, Star Gunner and Nux on my laptop + using windows media player with songs on shuffle as a soundtrack to the gaming.  I ran an HDMI cable from laptop to TV and hooked up a PC joystick.  Best way to do!  A day earlier I had a rad guitar lesson with Joe and he taught me some 'dirty' scales!  Mixolydian- creates Jerry Garcia quality.  Harmonic Minor- creates gypsy metal vibe.  Video Chat and rocking out sure eases the boredom and isolation. :)   

I thought it was rad that Hot Hot Heat got a cameo in Saint's Row 2 video game with their song, 'Let Me In'
When I heard that song come on my heart got a riser and then a drop.  It was amazing to hear a song that made
such a huge impact on my teenage years.  Yet it was bittersweet, "Why can't I do stuff like this?  Why aren't I this good?"
With some reflection I got back my pride in my work.  Everybody likes something different and some folks
might even hear my music and think it is better than that commercial song!  

I am exploring hook songwriting.  A catchy hook is a good way to capture that Hot Hot Heat style and make people want to sing along.

I will also continue making heavy hitting electronica works, in the mixed technique I call Fusion Techno.

<DIR>Full Sets including COVERS, Informal 'down-to-earth' JAM SESH clips with anyone kool to it, Poetic Cinema Rap, working in my Underground Supergroups...
My devotion to these objectives designs my destiny as Phrosty D, player 1!!!<TRIG@42=DISPLAY~DREAM>